Zeiss 'ZS' M42 Mount Lenses

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  1. Has anyone heard if Zeiss will make the 'ZS' line of M42 lenses? In 2006 they
    announced that in addition to making a series of lenses for the Nikon F mount
    (and now Pentax) they would make a series of M42 mount lenes. B&H lists a
    single 'ZS' lens but lists the availability as 'coming soon.' I wasn't able to
    find anything on line about ZS lenses other than the 2006 press release.
  2. Hi,

    They HAVE made the ZS lenses! The 50/1.4, 35/2 and 25/2.8 ZS have been available for some time here in the UK.

    cheers Steve.

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