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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by peter_yee, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Slightly off topic-Anyone notice that Carl Zeiss will producing
    brand new lens again in the Praktica (M42) lens mount mount? We can
    have brand new Zeiss lens for our Praktica, Spotmatics, Zenits,
    etc. :). I wonder if it will retain the automatic diaphragm?
  2. Where did you get that info, Peter ?
  3. Gene- Zeiss announced today that they will make lenses for 35mm in both Nikon F mount and M42 mount. http://www.zeiss.de/C12567A8003B58B9/?Open

    Peter-I would unfortunatly guess not. Based on what they said on Zeiss's site, it seems, tha the purpose of making lenses with the M42 mount was to soley be adapted to other cameras. For that reason, I would be surprised to see if they have the auto diaphragm. To most people, I doubt it will matter as most screwmount cameras are stop down metering anyways.
  4. It does matter. Focusing and composing with a stopped down lens on an SLR is a real pain. Metering really only needs to be done once or twice; focusing and composing are done for each shot.
  5. I noticed that and I think is pretty good news.

    I guess the Bessaflex will still be produed and these new lenses will add to the Cosina line-up of M42 lenses.

    What I'm kinda worried about is the sticker shock when they come out :D
  6. 20 years too late
  7. Hmm! Nikon F...analog and digital. Great!
  8. Why bother when there are plenty of used ones on the market. The new ones will likely be very expensive. Get some used Takumars - you cannot go wrong with them; they are MUCH better than the CZJ lenses.
  9. These are not CZJ lenses. They are CZO(berkochen)-designed, made in Japan and digital ready. (So there should be new formulations for the wideangles.)

    To ensure maximum compatibility with M42 cameras, I don't think they will have auto diaphragms.

    Those who use the original M42 Contax SLRs can now have brand-new Zeiss lens to go with them. Nice.
  10. They would probably have an autao/manual switch just like many classic M42 lenses.
  11. Eric, I think you're right:<P>
    <img src=http://www.cosina.co.jp/seihin/co/zf-50/zf-50top.jpg><P>
    Looks like it will be compatible with Spotmatic open aperture metering.

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