Zeiss ZM 18mm f4

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  1. I'm thinking about an ultra-wide for my M and this lens looks like it might fit
    the bill. I have had 21mm's and somehow don't find them quite wide enough
    (compared to the 28mm which I have) when I want to go wide, 15mm might be too
    much of a good thing though. The Zeiss looks very attractive, although it is
    clearly, despite being only f4, a big lens. Has anyone tried it out or used it?
    On paper it looks to be an excellent performer. Can anyone give me any feedback
    on it? Thanks.
  2. I have had one for well over a month now. The filter size is E58 and the lens compares in size with the Leica 21mm Asph. (E55) with the shade attached and only 20 grams heavier compared to the black chrome version.

    f/4 is only one stop behind f/2.8 which I rarely, if ever, use on my 21. The 18 is plenty sharp - far better than the CV 15mm Heliar, which only gets used once or twice a year.

    If you are a wide-angle fanatic, it is a must have lens in your Leica M arsenal.
  3. Hi Robin, I am wondering that most people want to have a speedy lens, but hardly anyone is using their lens with full opening. This ZEISS glass is not excellent on paper only, its is also excellent for making excellent picture. I am working with a Distagon 4/18mm on my Contax'es for many years, and I guess that this ZM 4/18mm lens is even better.

    If it reads ZEISS on the outside, you can be very sure, that ZEISS quality is also inside!

  4. Robin happen to passing by and about questions on the Zeiss 18 I happen to have this and
    had the mount converted so i can code it for the WATE and use IR filters . Here is some info
    on it if your interested in looking. The lens is extremely sharp on center

  5. Bill, if you have a 21mm do you think the 18mm is too close in coverage to make sense spending a thousand bucks for a couple extra degrees on angular coverage. I have a V/C 21mm.
  6. Harvey:

    From 21 to 24, I would agree with your point as well taken. But when you start getting that wide (beyond 21), those few extra degrees make a substantial difference in coverage. Besides, like Guy, I have had the 18 coded for use on my M8, which translates into a 24 with the crop factor. The 21 translates to a 28, which is not wide enough for me.

    On my film cameras the 18 is flat-out awesome!

    Regards, Bill
  7. Bill, thanks for reply, I have the 25mm Zeiss and debated getting the 21mm before the 18mm was announced. I had the same basic decision and decided I needed something wider. I use film, but considering the effect of the cropping factor nobody can say 18mm is too wide.
  8. Thanks everyone. I am seriously interested in the lens! I'll have to try and save my pennies!
  9. "If it reads ZEISS on the outside, you can be very sure, that ZEISS quality is also inside!"

    There have been a number of Zeiss bombs. Several from Zeiss Jena...
  10. Have to agree with Bill those few degrees can mean a lot . Also too the zeiss 18 is very
    clinical looking in look, very sharp and lots of snap to it. My leica 21mm Asph has a different
    look more smoother in tone a lot like the 28 cron which i love to death. I actually switched
    things around down in the very wide went with a 12mm CV , 18 zeiss and than the leica
    21mm and i actually like that combo now.
  11. Harvey if you have the 25mm than i would go right to 18mm. i had the 21mm and 24mm and
    there just to darn close. You would feel it is a waste and to be honest it's like a two step
    difference in feet power. The 18mm will add a different prespective than the 21mm also.
    Little more drama, but the 18mm has some contrast so need to be slightly careful
  12. Guy if I knew it was comming out I would have gotten it instead. But since I now have the 21mm and find I use it very little I don't Think its my priority now. Too bad the timing, too bad.
  13. Yea they just came out a couple weeks ago.
  14. Examples please I would very much like to see how 18mm images look!
  15. "Examples please I would very much like to see how 18mm images look!"

    Some (M8) snapshots here:


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