Zeiss Ultron 1,8/50 for Icarex - any information?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by vidom, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. My latest akquisition is an Icarex 35S TM with a Carl Zeiss 1,8/50mm
    Ultron lens. This lens is a strange beast. Icarex cameras were the
    first Zeiss Ikon SLRs made after the Zeiss Ikon / Voigtländer merger
    at the end of the 60s. Some of the Icarex TM (=M42) lenses are
    Voigtländer designs, some are Zeiss designs, all had the Zeiss
    designation on the front ring. Normally the lens names would indicate
    the origin of the lens design, so a Distagon is a Zeiss design and an
    Ultron or a Dynarex a Voigtländer design. With the Voigtländer VSL1
    TM camera (which is nearly identical with an Icarex 35s) came a
    1,8/50 Color-Ultron lens that is an exact Zeiss Planar copy. I have
    one of those as well and it's definitely a different lens design
    compared with the 1,8/50 Ultron. The Ultron has a concave front
    element that no other Ultron labled Voigtländer lens seems to have;
    this is a most unusual feature for a late 60's normal lens. So - is
    this really a Voigtländer design? Can anybody give me more
    information on this lens?

  2. Havent read this whole site; your answer might be here though:

  3. The Vade Mecum, which isn't always right, says the 50/1.8 with concave outer surface of the front element is a Voigtlaender design.
  4. I seem to recall that there was another Voigtlander design with a concave front element. Was it a 50mm for a Vito?

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