Zeiss Tenax 1 - loading film

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  1. How do you open the back (or is it the bottom) of the Zeiss Tenax 1 -
    the 35mm version that takes 50 24x24? There is a button on the top
    plate which looks as though it should do something and another on the
    bottom that can be moved to positions A or Z. Many thanks for any
    advice/help. Regards Andrew
  2. Turn the bottom buttom (the A-Z one) to where the lines line up and push the button to the side a bit. Then slide the whole back downward.

    Great camera by the way, I got one a few months ago and are having a blast with it. I'm at work now but I have some scans on my home HD. Will post an image or two later from this baby.
  3. I should say the whole back and bottom come off as one piece.

    Oh, and that top button is the rewind button you hold down as you rewind the film back into the cartridge when the roll is finished.
  4. Don't loose the take up spool when removing the back. If the take up spool is missing it can be replaced by a spool from a 35mm cartridge.
  5. A few of my latest Tenax shots:
  6. The forunner of the 126. Both died a slow death because you can still get 126. though the cameras were mostly shitty. 35mm film will fit a 126 camera with mods .. hell 110 is still still in production. until 2008 for a contract by Kodak It was picked up by that great film production company in Italy. Agfa is under contract to produce APS film untill 2010. Sometimes contracts live longer than their life than again sometimes great pictures are made with obscure formats. You did well
  7. Many thanks to one and all for your help. Problem now solved.
  8. nice work - I still have my first roll inside mine which I recently restored. This one is circa 1938, with the Novar set in a 1/300 Compur shutter.
  9. Hi Mike. Yup, that one is mine too. Much more beaten up though, and my film advance lever is broken off at the top.

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