Zeiss Tele-Tessar FE 4/350 mm

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by ferm_n_fern_ndez, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. I can't find this lens in the Carl Zeiss' web site, although it still
    appears in Hasselblad's. Has Zeiss stopped manufacturing it? Why?
    Zeiss Tele-Superachromat CFE 350 is one stop slower, and its minimun
    focusing distance is twice longer, so it isn't really a substitute.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Zeiss is out of the special glass used in its manufacture and does not plan to make any more in the future. Buy one now if you find a good deal.
  3. Robb,

    You're sure you're not confusing the 350 mm Tele-Tessar with the f/2.8 300 mm Tele-Superachromat (TPP)?
  4. Sorry to be right but I received an email from Dr. Kornelius at Zeiss just the other day confirming the news. It is one of his favorite lenses. NASA obviously played it smart and just ordered a bunch for the space program.

    Good luck.
  5. Hi

    "Zeiss don't intend to make anymore" - I can't believe that you can't get the "special glass"

    With the 350 FE going the 200 series of lenses seems to be a bit thin on the ground -what conclusions can we make?

    - Hasselblad don't sell enough 350 FE to make continued production worthwhile (not surprising given the price!)
    - Hasselblad are going to drop the 200 series cameras - what's the point with no fast FE lenses in the line up; why buy a focal plane body just to get metering with CF lenses update the 500 series instead.
    - Is the Zeiss - Hasselblad axis under strain.

    I think the H1 may put the 200series under strain afterall in many ways it is a 645 version of the Rollei and if you want automation with the square, the Rollei is probably a better answer. Hasselblad won't of course announce anything until they have sold their stock of 200 cameras.

  6. Robb,

    Thanks for the confirmation. Bad news.
  7. I think most buyers of a 350mm prefer the superb CFE350/5.6 (told to be better than FE350/4). The FE350/4 can't be used on 501/503/500 bodies, but CFE350/5.6 gives all features with 200 bodies.
  8. Please, Kornelius, stop saying which are your favourite cameras and lenses because it seems to be the signal for taking them out of the market. First was the Hasselblad 201. Now, the Tele-Tessar 350FE. Which one will be the next? You are a jinx ;-)

    There have been many comments here about the future of Hasselblad, but what about Zeiss'? I didn't know that the glass in the Tele-Tessar *was* special (thanks, Robb), so another top-of-the-line / state-of-the-art lens has fallen. Will Zeiss manufacture in the future only the cheaper top sellers, and some "icons" like the Biogon and the Planar 100? What do you think?
  9. You will probably always be able to buy the gear on the used market. I bought a new Planar 100 and a 150 F 2.8. These lenses are fabulous. I find it hard to justify both the 110 F 2.0 and the 100, so I opted for the 100 because of the lack of distortion and GREAT image quality. Bokeh is very nice with both. I am saving for a 350 f 4 and a 903. My 201F is the best of both worlds. I can mix and match for the assignment. I would encourage all to go grab what you want to shoot with and not worry too much about hassy's direction. They make some great tools. Get what you need and go shoot great images. I can't emphasize enough that I love the image quality from these lenses. I really was impressed with the Mamiya 7 lenses, but I LOVE what I am getting from the Hassy. Just my 4 cents.



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