Zeiss Super Ikonta IV (534/16) operation

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  1. Just bought a Zeiss Super Ikonta. Have a manual. Problem is I'm having trouble tensioning the shutter.
    Supposed to push the cocking lever to the left until it stops. I can't get it to move. What am I doing
    wrong? I doubt if problem is with camera as I bought from Keh in excellent condition. Thank you.
  2. I think these cameras might have double exposure protection, try ratcheting the film advance and see if that unlocks things.
  3. Patrick is correct. The later Ikontas have a double exposure prevention system. I have the Ikonta 524/16 which is much the same camera but without the exposure meter. And like the Super Ikonta mine came with the 75/3.5 Tessar in Synchro-Compur (I think the Super Ikonta IV only came with this combo).

    If your Ikonta works the same as mine (I'm to assume it does and I'm hoping someone will correct me if it does not), you have to advance the film to be able to release the shutter mechanism. There should be a tiny hole just to the left of the rangefinder adjustment knob, through which you can see a spot that will be either red or white. Red means that you can set the shutter and take a photo, white means you must advance the film to be able to continue.

    IMHO you have an excellent camera. I love my Ikonta and will never part with it even after the world has no more film left. Post some photos when you get things going.
  4. Hi Patrick and Scott,

    You are right! I just had to advance the film.

    It does look like a fun camera. I'm so into medium format these days, and I can fit this
    camera in my purse. The very small viewfinder will take some getting used to. . . but I'm
    really looking forward to seeing how the photos turn out.

    Thanks so much.
  5. If the small viewfinder bothers you, Zeiss had a large flip-down Albada viewfinder that slips into the flash socket. These are not very easy to find bot they pop up on ebay from time to time. KEH might also have one. Of course you must still use the small viewfinder to use the rangefinder.
  6. Thanks, Bonsignore Ezio. I'll have to check out the Albada viewfinder.
  7. Hi! I was cleaning out my parents attic and found an old Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 534/16 camera. Its in great shape and I wanted to see if it still worked. I was wondering if you knew what type of film this camera uses, if they even stil make film for this type of camera? Thanks!
  8. Hi Brianna,
    It uses standard 120 film. Have fun with your find!

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