Zeiss Super Ikonta B with shutter problem...

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  1. I've had my departed grandfather's Zeiss Super Ikonta B (532/16) for a few months now, and I love it dearly: it produces great images, is my connection to him, etc. Just today, as I was taking a picture, the shutter mechanism apparently failed. It's stuck open so the aperture and film are exposed. I've messed around with all of the exposed controls, trying to somehow make the shutter close, but to no avail. I've since taken the film out to keep from wasting the rest of the roll. Looking at the lens through the back, it seems like the shutters are *stuck* on the inside of the lens somehow! Curiously, I am now unable to change the shutter speed dial to the "B" setting that would usually allow me a manual shutter speed. It's always been a bit sticky down at that end of the dial, but it's now *impossible* for me to put it on B. This may be a coincidence, stickiness from lack of use, or it may be related, I'm not sure.
    Also, and I am sure this is the result if not the cause of the shutter issue, the little lever that cocks the shutter is stuck between the typical 'cocked' and 'not cocked' positions, and will return to neither. It won't move past halfway to 'not cocked,' and while it will move to 'cocked,' it won't stay there.
    Any suggestions on what I can do short of taking it to a camera store? Of course I want it fixed, but I'd prefer to save money and do the repairs myself if possible. I don't know enough to try and get to the lens myself (removing the front, etc.), nor do I trust myself to try, but I'm willing to mess around with the external stuff.
  2. It sounds to me like the shutter is in need of a long-overdue cleaning. You may have had a spring failure also. Good luck.
  3. Particularly considering its sentimental value, I don't think you want to do this yourself - you would never forgive yourself if it went badly. There is a directory of camera repair services at www.acecam.com where you can find someone convenient to where you live.
  4. sorry for the double post, don't know how it did that.

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