Zeiss Super Ikonta, 532/16

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  1. My SI 532/16 is in good overall operating condition except for a rather stiff rangefinder-setting mechanism. As for the RF optics, the're fine - it's just the stiffness in setting the rangefinder with that small, knurled setting-wheel. (FYI - if I assist the focusing process by turning the front lens while also turning the setting wheel, everything is rather smooth, but I really don't don't want to make this a regular practice.
    So, here's my question: If I were to
    1) only remove the faceplate ( as described in http://www.davidrichert.com/zeiss_532_161.htm
    2) did nothing whatsoever to remove or disturb the front lens element, and finally
    3) cleaned and lubricated the focusing mechanism with disturbine the internal alignment of the parts,

    would there be any need for me to be concerned with having to reset the rangefinder and the focus after reassembling the face plate?
  2. Tough question. You always can do it and then re-adjust the focus.
    I wrote a simple guide to check the focus accuracy on the non-super Ikonta.

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