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  1. Hello all,

    Recently I've bought a Zeiss Super Ikonta 532/16 folder, and
    subsequently have
    been searching the net for an online instruction manual. So far no
    such luck,
    so I'm turning to you people: does anyone know (of) a site where I
    could find
    at least the necessary info to operate this camera? Most of it is
    straightforward of course, but I'm, for example, not sure about the
    proper way
    to load film, especially the working/setting of the counter is still a
    unclear to me (this is a 6x6 camera but the counter goes only to 11
    exposures). I'm also wondering about the filter size (lens is a
    Tessar 2.8/80)
    Any help is very much appreciated!

    Vriendelijke groeten/kind regards,

    Willem Falhaber
    Rotterdam, Holland
    email to: falh@wanadoo.nl
    photogallery: http://home.wanadoo.nl/falh
  2. Willem, I have the camrea but not the manual. They are straight forward to use tho. A couple of strange things to watch out for are: 1. Make sure you push the shutter release all the way down when taking a picture, because if you don't, you will have to wind to the next frame before it can be released. 2, When loading new film, wind till the arrow is in the window and then turn the exposure dial to just before the #1 exposure. Wind till it clicks in at the 1. If you go past "1" move the exposure dial around again. The camera will only record 11 exposures as the shutter buttom will lock.

    For manuals try manualsRus.com or maybe someone else can help. There are resources in the back of Shutterbug I believe. There is also some references online in the Photo.net threads that will point you to other sources.

    I have the Zeiss Jena lens on mine and it takes a 37.5mm push on adapter that uses Series 6 filters. Just measure yours and you'll know what to get. Adapters and filters are around, you will have to hunt or advertise for them.
  3. Willem,

    I have a 533/16 which has got to be pretty similar. I don't have a manual but have got it figured out. First the filters - if your camera is like mine, it does not take screw-in type filters, but a Kodak series 6 slip-on filter. As far as loading film, and this is where our cameras may differ, I place the full film spool in the left chamber pull the film across the back and onto an empty takeup spool on the right side. With the back open I advance the film until the arrow marks on the film backing line up with white index marks above and below the film rails. Close the back and turn the advance knob on the top right side of the camera deck until it stops, and the film is ready for exposure # 1. This film loading/advancing may be different between these 2 models, I don't know for sure. Good luck!
    Frank Scheitrowsky
  4. This camera may have both wind to next exposure through the red window and a quick/wind system that only provides 11 exposures. I had a Welta 6x6 folder on similar principles. This was done as one of the first wind systems that was much faster than looking at a window and lining up the next number. The penalty: one less exposure per roll. Thus, an instruction manual might be of value to see if this is a 11-exposure camera or 11/12-depending on wind system employed.
  5. In regards to only getting 11 exposures out of the camera, I have figured a way to get 13 full exposures when I use Delta 100; Other films may vary. Here's what I have figured out:

    I used a paper leader off an old developed roll, and wound it on a reel. Placed it in the camera and found the spot where the film is attached to the paper backing. (There is a marking on the front of the paper) Continued to wind till the following arrow showed up in my window, (which is on the top left) as a mark to go by, and figured how far off the negative would be (the back is open all this time) from being fully exposed and allowing enough at the start of the neg, but not too much. Now here's the tricky part:

    Put a mark (tape or etc) on the exposure dial "OUTER RING" that doesn't move, BEFORE the mark that shows which exposure your on. Mine wound up being 3.5mm to the right. Depress the exposure dial ring and move the first exposure number (1.) to this mark you found. Open the back and turn the winding knob till it clicks in at the first exposure. See if the start of the negative is just past the 6x6 framing window for a full exposure. If it isn't you will have to do it over again by clicking thru all the exposures (cocking and hitting the shutter button) till you get back to free winding. NOTE: "DON'T TURN THE FILM WIND KNOB IF YOUR EXPOSURE IS OFF, PRESS AND TURN THE EXPOSURE DIAL ONLY AND COCK AND RELEASE THE SHUTTER. Note: Once past shooting exposure #11, If you never push down the exposure dial to move the #1 to the first exposure, you will always free wind. Now for the second step.

    Shoot thru the exposure dial (WIND, cock shutter and release) till you get to exposure #11 being shot. Do not continue to wind past #11 just as yet. Put a mark at any number on the outer ring. Wind till the next exposure number is at your second mark. You should be clear for another shot. You can check so by having had put a mark at the left of the 6x6 frame before you wound, and checking to make sure your mark is past the framing window for a clear shot. Do it again till you wind to the paper marking for the end of the negative. Make sure you have left enough leader left to hang the film by without damaging a picture. On the Delta 100 there was a 14th shot that wasn't full. For different films you may have to do the steps above again. It doesn't take much time to do this, so have fun.
  6. http://www.davidrichert.com/zeiss_super_ikonta.htm

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