zeiss super ikonta 531/2 mx

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by larry_benjamin, May 21, 2004.

  1. Hi,
    I have just purchased a camera in "mint" condition (see heading) for
    landscapes & basically playing around with. Anyone have any tips,
    recommendations, or any information that may apply.
    Many Thanks in advance, Larry
  2. definitely use a tripod and shutter release. you might need a spacer (corrugated cardboard works fine) to go between your tripod and the camera to ensure a secure fit -- it varies with cameras.
  3. It's just as Mike said, and in addition, advance the film just prior to exposing the next frame thus avoiding film "warping" at the gate. I have one MX and it takes wonderful pictures. If you have a chance, test the speeds. And if you ever use 1/500, cock the shutter after you set the ring on this speed, thus avoiding damaging the extra spring for the 1/500. For the 1/250 and below, you can do whatever pleases you.

    If you want the 6x4.5 format, you have to buy the 6x4.5 reducing frame (mask) applied at the film gate. Last night, I just saw one on ebay. Go to Ikonta, and I don't have any connections with the seller.
  4. Thank you both for your most excellent input.
    Cheers, Larry
  5. Larry - I have one as well. Do some tests with the view finder to get a rough idea on how the frame lines work, on some cameras the framelines might be crooked or high or low. The camera is a great tool, I think you will find the chromes or negatives impressive. After I purchased one I sent it off for a CLA so I knew it was in good shape. I have an original manual if you need any questions answered.
  6. Thanks Paul, I'm very excited about getting this camera. I took some scenics with my Rollei FX & they were superb!! I'm dying to see what a quality 6x9 will do.
    Cheers, Larry
  7. Update:
    I have had some large prints made & this camera has blown me away ! Simply superb results from 50 year old technology.
    A relatively small package with stunning results.......happy days.
    Cheers, Larry

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