zeiss super ikonta 531/2 mx viewfinder upgrade

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by larry_benjamin, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. Hi All,
    I am considering having my viewfinder modified by replacing it with
    the modern "super bright" Voightlander 50mm flash shoe mount
    Here is my dilemma. The camera is mint & any mods done i would prefer
    to be reversible (to keep the camera as was.) However, i love to work
    with this camera & use it a lot. Function rules before form !
    Does anyone out there know of an excellent camera technician who
    would be up to this task ? Also any recommendations?
    Cheers, Larry
  2. Try these guys -- the Z-V stands for Zeiss-Voigtlander. I think they'd know if anybody did:

    Mr. W.W. Umbach
    Z-V Service
    P.O. Box 754 / 1410 Seafarer Drive
    Oriental, North Carolina 28571
    Telephone: 919-249-2576 (ck the area code -- these seem to always change without my noticing)
  3. Thanks Donald,
    I shall give them a call. Actually i'm in NC so i may pay a visit. Cheers, Larry
  4. I love using this camera as well and have difficulties with the viewfinder. If you arrive at a solution please let the forum know.
    I suppose you could open the back of the camera and tape vellum on the film frame to focus on image (brick wall, trees) that could be used to line up the viewfinder. Attaching it to the camera would be the dilema. One solution might be to remove the ikonta viewfinder and then attach a used hot shoe [attach the hot shoe to a thin piece of plastic or aluminum available at art supply or hardware stores. Then before securing the screws align the voigtlander viewfinder to what you see on the vellum on the film plane. This would also be reversible b/c you are only using the screws that hold the ikonta viewfinder in place.

    If Zv offers a different solution please let me know - I have a couple of 531/2s that I'd like to upgade.
  5. I have been having problems contacting these people (Mr. W.W. Umbach Z-V Service ) but i shall press on.I definitely will inform the forum when (& if) i arise at a suitable conclusion.
    Cheers, Larry

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