zeiss super ikonta 531/2 mx lens hood

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by larry_benjamin, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. Hello, I thought i would share this. I have been searching for a lens
    hood, to no avail & came up with a solution.

    I purchased from bhphotovideo a lens hood (B&H # GBLH40.5)which was a
    40.5mm thread. My Zeiss Super Ikonta (S/N B89102) takes 40.5mm
    screw "ON" fiters. The female thread end of the lens hood fitted
    perfectly. I carefully removed the rubber hood from the
    aluminum/aluminium base (spot glued with super glue.)

    I am going to use this in conjunction with a polarizing filter, so i
    put it in a lathe & machined off the male thread end (to prevent
    the "possibility" of vignetting.) Replaced the rubber hood in the
    REVERSED position with a few spots of superglue. The result looks
    like a factory job !

    Beats searching for an overpriced rareity & functions exceedingly
    well @ about US$5.00-6.00.

    Cheers, Larry
  2. Great Idea I don't have access to a lathe would you think of making a few and selling them.
  3. Hello David,
    I would make them for my cost ($5.95 + 4.45 shipping to me from B&H )+ $15 .IE $25.40 not including shipping etc. No real need to "turn" the male thread off, unless you want to put it in front of a filter.

    For quantities, i could reduce the price due to shipment savings from B&H. I'm going to be very busy from now till the New Year, which will require a little patience.
    Cheers, Larry

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