zeiss super ikonta 531/2 mx filters, update.

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by larry_benjamin, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Hi,
    Recently i purchased a few Zeiss Ikon filters on E-Bay (from a very
    nice gentleman)on the off chance that they would fit. Previous posts
    have suggested that the filters required would be 40.5mm push fit?
    The items purchased have a strange "knurled" thread & screw perfectly
    on & off (backwards) to the camera (male
    thread .....also "knurled" ??)lens ring.
    The filters are in bakelite hinged boxes & have 373/4 germany, Zeiss
    Ikon marked on the rims. Has anyone come across this also ? My
    reasoning is, if in fact the lens will accept a female 40.5mm thread,
    i could also mount a 40.5 mm polarizing filter on backwards !!??
    Which is my aim.
    Cheers, Larry
  2. Hallo Larry,
    this Zeiss filters fit on the Contax rangefinder lenses in 40,5 mm screw mount and 42mm slip on filters.

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