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  1. Hi,

    I bought this 90x60mm camera (a Zeiss):


    It seems to be a lot of similar models so I'm having trouble to
    identify it. What would you expect of it in terms of optical quality ?
    When was it made ?

    I never used medium format cameras, I'm waiting to see my first results.

  2. Hi Manel, this is the Ikonta 532/2. The value is around $ 80.00 a better choice is the Tessar lens at f3.5. This model was made about 1950
    No rangefinder so its a much cheaper version. My advise find the model 524 with a Tessar and buld in rangefinder. Super sharp photos!
  3. Provided you have focussed and exposed correctly this should be capable of producing sharp images with good contrast. The Novar is very effective at apertures of f5.6 or smaller.
  4. For your information, on most, if not all, Zeiss folding cameras there is a three-digit number (usually starting with 5xx) stamped in the leatherette of the back, followed by a slash and a one- or two-digit number, the complete format should look like 5xx/y or 5xx/yy. This makes it much easier to identify model and possible year(s) of manufacturing.

    If properly adjusted the Novar lenses are not that bad as often stated. I made tack-sharp shots with the f/3.5 75mm Novar (of course stopped down).
  5. Ok Manel , I did not read your post carefully and thought it was just a general inquiry. You already own the camera I would say its capable of taking a good photo if you shut down the lens somewhat. Certainly easy to use too, more so than any modern camera. When you get around to it post a few here.
  6. That is a beauty!

    The novar are very capable lenses if you use a shade and stop down a little.
    Even though wide opne it produces a cool soft "rim" at the edges.

    You won;t be dissapointed by the results, even with color film. I'd use print film first, since the speeds maybe off a little bit and negative film can give you that extra 1/3 or 1/2 stop latitude you require.
    Once you see a 6x9 negative enlarged it is a different story!

    Mucha suerte!
  7. I'm no expert but your Zeiss 6 x 9 folder sure looks like a Ikonta IIc (518-2) from 1949-57. The quite similar Ikonta equivalent has 2 tall knobs on the top side and typically used a higher end Compur shutter. McKeown's has the Nettar 518-2 valued at $30-60. If the Novar lens (triplet) has coated optics then that's a nice plus for a folding camera. I'm pretty sure most if not all folders made prior to end of WWII had uncoated optics (still fine under most conditions). From what I understand many Zeiss cameras have a model designation embossed on the leatherette which makes identification pretty easy.
  8. I correct myself! I meant to say your camera appears to be a Zeiss 'Nettar' 518/2 rather than Zeiss Ikonta. Very similar cameras so it is easy to get the two mixed up.

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