Zeiss Mutar 2x vs. Hasselblad 2XE

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by cabophoto, Jun 23, 2000.

  1. I´m currently looking for a 2x converter, mainly for use with my
    Hasselblad Sonnar 180/4 CFi. I know there´s the current Hasselblad
    2XE, but a Zeiss Mutar 2x is available used. Does anyone know about
    the optical performance of the two ?

    Many thanks in advance

  2. Carsten

    I have had superb results with the Kenko 2X Tele Extender,
    using the 80mm and 150mm lenses.

  3. My understanding is the Zeiss Mutar was optimized for the Zeiss CF 350 Sonnar (although it could give good results with shorter lenses), while the Hasselblad 2XE is optimized for the shorter telephotos, and is particularly good with the 180 CFi. (This is according to Ernst Wildi's latest Hasselblad Guide, 5th edition.)

    I have used the Hasselblad 1.4XE and it is quite good. I presume you know that the new converters are assembled in Sweden using optics sourced in Japan (presumably from the Fuji group)...
  4. According to Hasselblad litterature, the Zeiss Mutar 2x was optimized for the 350 F. It works extremly well with the 180 CF (and therefore with a 180 CFi). This fact is well known and I can confirm it from experience. I unfortunately can't answer from experience to the accurate question, which is Mutar versus 2xE on specific lenses.

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