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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by hankg, Nov 22, 2002.

  1. Is there a source for info about the Linhof select Zeiss lenses.
    Serial numbers, tech specs, years of production. Schneider has
    a vintage lens section on their web site, would be nice if Zeiss
    did the same. I am especially interested in info about the 100/2.8
    Planar produced for the 70 and V23 Technikas.
  2. Hank,

    I can provide you with a lot of information on Linhof select Zeiss lenses. I am real busy today but e-mail me with your questions....I'll help you anyway I can. There is no website! I hope to create one at some point (my job interfers so much with my pleasure time!). The Linhof select 100mm Planar was introduced in 1955 and continued into the late 1960's (available into the 1970's due to available inventory). The earliest production serial number is 1344XXX (1955). The prototype serial number is 12099 V26/2. The latest serial number that I have in my database is 44622XX.

    It was available on the Linhof Press and Technika (different mounting bases) models.

    It was also available on the Graflex XL and Century Graphic (not Linhof select).

    The 80mm Planar became more popular in later years.

    It should be noted that these lenses are different designs that Rollei and Hasselblad versions.

    The 100mm Planar had different appearances over the years due to mounts and Compur shutter changes...I can explain more later.

    Great performing lens. 5 elements. All single coated. Prone to flare. Performs outstanding at wide apertures.

    Have to go now....email me your questions.
  3. Hank, from the booklet, circa 1966, "Zeiss Objectives for your Linhof Camera", the 100mm 2.8 planar is a 5 element in 4 group lens with an angle of view of 56 degrees and has a "useful" coverage of 120mm and takes a 58mm filter. Hope that helps, Rick in CO.

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