Zeiss Lens MTF Chart Explanation

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by yongfei, Jul 25, 2000.

  1. I looked at the lens section of this site. But the MTF concept is too
    complicated for me to
    understand. I downloaded some MTF charts from http://www.zeiss.com
    website. I try to
    compare the MTF between 80 CB and 80 CFE. Could you explain what is
    the ideal curve
    (diagram 1 and 2, k=2.8, k=5.6) in this case and from the curve, could
    you tell approximately
    how much better is the 80 CFE lens?

    I know that a purchasing decision based on MTF is not good. But just
    want to know something
    basic about MTF since the information is available there. Thanks!
  2. photodo.com has an explanation of MTF charts
    on their web page. It might be of some help
    to you.
  3. Thanks. That's exactly what I'am looking for. By the way, several months ago, I bought Earnest Wildi's Ultimate Image, trying to know the tricks of obtaining the best image. Although that book teaches some basic amateur stuff, It really doesn't fit the title well. Photodo.com is the site I will be very passionate about. It delivers!

    Also, I somewhat feel regret that I bought the Nikon gear in 35mm. It seems that Contax offers better image quality.

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