Zeiss lens hood No. 1119 - for which lens?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by vidom, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. I just bought a No. 1119 Zeiss Ikon lens hood. It has a 40.5mm
    thread so it should work with Contax lenses. It looks like it works
    with 50mm lenses. But as far as I can see from Contax literature the
    original Contax lens hood for 50mm lenses had a different catalogue
    number. Does anyone know for which lens the 1119 hood was originally
  2. The pe-war number for the hood for the Contax 50mm sonnar was 1283/15 the number for the post-war Zeiss Ikon Stuttgart hood for the same lens was 1119 S for the screw on and 1115 A for the slip on.
  3. Peter, you can use the S1119 hood with both your Sonnar 50 and Biogon 35 (if you have one, I don't recall) without any vignetting risk on the Biogon.
    The problem with using the S1119 hood and the Sonnar 50 is that this hood will block almost the half of your IIa viewfinder frame. A very poor design you can turn by getting a 40.5mm modern vented cylindrical hood, easily available on the auction site for a bargain, from different sellers like americaneagle_cameras or heavystar. With the Biogon 35, as you have to use the external viewfinder, you don't have this hood blocking the viewing frame problem. Of course you can't use this hood on your Biogon 21.
  4. Yes it is very handy for the 35mm Biogon when you use a filter or shoot near the sun; otherwise because of the recessed lens I don't use a shade on the biogon.
  5. Thank you for the information. Yes, I have a 35 Biogon so I'm delighted to hear that there is no vignetting with my new hood. The hood I've been using till now - an ugly plastic thing made by Pentacon I don't know for which lens or camera - did cause severe vignetting with the 35 Biogon.

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