Zeiss lens for Canon EOS

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  1. I read somewhere a while ago that Contax Zeiss lenses will fit on Canon EOS
    cameras. Is this true, myth, or a strange dream I had?

  2. I've used Hasselblad V series lenses on a Canon via an adapter and it worked very well. Although I should emphasise that I've had had very variable results with adapters which suggests the accuracy of adapter manufacturing isn't all it could be, this includes the worst performance being with hasselblad V series lenses on a Contax645, so OEM manufacturing isn't excluded from this caveat!
  3. The Zoerk adaptor is for Contax SLR 35mm lenses to fit Canon EOS cameras, not the Contax
    MF lenses.
  4. I use contax lenses on Canon EOS cameras, via adapters.<br>
    Not medium format lenses though. That might be possible, but mine are the CY mount for 35mm SLR.
  5. Hasselblad V lenses can be adapted to for use on EOS Cameras, as can the Zeiss/Contax C/Y lenses which people have been doing for some time. There is also a Leica R to EOS adapter. High quality adapters work quite well.

    Not all C/Y and Leica R lenses can be used on all Canon cameras because of mirror interference. There are compatibility listings available by searching on Google.

    The best solution I found is using Zeiss/Contax N AF lenses with the mount completely changed to an EOS AF mount. I use a converted Contax N24-85/3.5 for wedding work. It does everything a Canon L zoom AF lenses does just as fast
    ... while delivering that Zeiss color, contrast and less distortion.
  6. http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=009NhO
    contax/yashica(zeiss) to eos with electronics-70 usd
    ebay-seller happypagehk
    on dpreview-sigma-forum sigma-eos-conversion has been made and is planned for sd-14/15.
    btw: focus-signal is not needed for sigma sd.
  7. there are at least three electronic c/y to eos-adapters. i know for sure that one of them is offering both focus and exposure controls. this one wil not be available before 5-6 weeks. 70 usd. the other one is 50 usd. roesken is the third. pls go to canon-talk of dpreview.com
    i have four dslrexchange-adaptors(out of production) to use with 18 to 135mm lenses i have. asap i will test canon 450d. 18 and 35 pc looked through already. wow! quick panoramas with shift-lens.

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