zeiss Jena coated vs zeiss Jena uncoated

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by eugenio_cellini, Jul 12, 1999.

  1. I'd like to buy a Zeiss Jena Sonnar 180 2,8 for my kiev 60,
    I can choose between an uncoeted one, in very
    good condition and a (MC) coated one in bad
    condition. Someone knows how much difference
    there is between the coated and uncoated lenses?
    Should I buy the older (uncoated one) or the newer one.
    I heard on this newsgroup that the MC lenses are much better
    than the uncoated ones, both in flare and in contrast.
    Any suggestion?

    Thank you a lot,
  2. Hi there,

    About a year ago, I purchased a Kiev 250mm F3.5 lens for my Kiev 88 camera.
    The lens was made in 1994 and the single coating was SO LIGHT or THIN, that at certain angles when you looked at the glass, the lens looked uncoated.

    The only reason, that I didn't exchange the lens was because the actual lens elements were SO POLISHED and CLEAR. The internal parts were so well rebuilt by Kiev/USA that I knew the lens something special. I purchased a Hoya Multicoated Skylight 1B filter and screwed it on. I then shot some pictures on a bright sunny and very glaring day. The results were NO glare or flare or even loss of contrast at all. In fact when I sent out the color slides for Ilforchrome
    enlargements, the lab had to mask the color slide film, because the contrast was too high.

    Just by a Hoya Multicoated Filter or even a Hoya Super Multicoated Filter.
    It's the next best thing.

    Ed Lau
  3. Hi Eugenio, Ed made an interesting point, I had a Bronica S 150 that I thought was less than admirable, I put a B&W K1.5 Coated Sky filter on it and it was MUCH better overall, like a different lens.
  4. ED:
    are you inferring that your addition of a multi coated filter helped reduce flare that you would otherwise get from the lens with using no filter at all??? I would think that good ol nothing is better than a filter. Multi coated or not.more glass - more reflections.
  5. Yes, additional glass with a single coating or a multicoating will reduce flare and even enhance contrast. Plus a good lens hood will help too. I've NEVER heard anyone saying that they had better results when shooting WITHOUT any type of coated filter or multicoated filter.

  6. An uncoated Sonnar must be very old indeed! Probably it is just (lightly) single coated. The advantage of a multicoating in a Tele lens like this is not very great. I would go for the best condition.
    Concerning Ed Lau's recommendation to fit a filter in front of the lens: once the light has passed through the filter, it will behave exactly the same as when there wsa no filter, except thar now light reflected by the lens will be reflected back into it by the filter. That is not an improvement.

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