Zeiss is pull off the curtain an inch at a time ....

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by arthuryeo, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. Some more news is released from Zeiss ... right here in time for Photokina2004.
  2. . . . and I have my wallet ready just in case! :)
  3. I'll take a Seagull TLR anyday...
  4. How does this gel with their claim that they have a new solution to obviate colour cast?
  5. Sadists! They have me going to their site every day! Sheesh I hate waiting.
  6. Your'e torturing yourself. Just don't expect to hear anything before the Big Show.
  7. A new type of color balancing coating? Just speculating.
  8. Sounds like (perhaps new & improved) auto white balance (AWB) to me. Maybe that's just a hint that it's digital.
  9. that new foveon seems like a great chip for black and white.... sigh..... i wonder if hasselblad will have a black and white digital back for the V series camera that is square.
  10. They mention new lenses for hassy/contax/rollei/alpha. Do you suppose these could be
    reduced frame lenses to better match the current medium format digital sensors, much
    like we are seeing happen in the 35mm/APS sized sensor world?

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