zeiss ikon nettar - which model

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  1. hi

    trying to identify a zeiss ikon nettar but i cannot figure out which model it is exactly as the details dont
    match to any of the charts I have found

    any help on identifying exactly what model this camera is greatly appreciated.

    the serial on the body is U55629

    and on the lens it says Novar Anastigmat 105mm 1:6.3 and i think the shutter is Vario


    is it a 517/16 or 518 or 512???

    any help would be great

  2. Does it not have the 517/16, etc. number embossed into the covering somewhere?

    I got one myself for very little money last month. Can't remember the model No. though.

  3. Is there a "red signal next to the camera body release, indicating the film is ready" ?
    If yes, it's a 518/16 "Signal Nettar".
  4. Although it looks like 517/2
  5. Look at the back, alongside the catch that opens the back. The code no. is usually impressed in the leatherette
    though if worn can be difficult to see. It will most likely be 517/02 or 518/02. It is a later Nettar and the 02
    signifies 6x9 format.I think perhaps the 517 signifies the ordinary Nettar and the 518 the "Signal" Nettar but
    don't quote me on that.<br>
  6. ah yes, its on the back cover, it is a 517/2

    thanks all

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