Zeiss Ikon Ikonta/ Super Ikonta

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  1. Hi all,

    Have always been fascinated by classic cameras but have only lately started to
    real go into it. Am wondering whether Zeiss Ikon Ikonta and Super Ikonta are all
    using 120 film? That is because I am hoping to find a good one where I can use
    and at the same time keep. Thanks.
  2. Very few Ikontas used film different from 120 format, some early models were available for different film formats such as 6.5x11 image size. Anyhow, there is little risk stumbling across such a camera - these strange film formats have not been available for decades now.

    The Super-Ikontas all used 120 film.

    No Ikonta ever used 620 film, the only german cameras using 620 film I know are some german-made Kodak cameras (and maybe very few others made for export only, 620 format never was popular in Germany).
  3. Yes they do. But they were made for three common formats: 4.5x6, 6x6 and 6x9. This snap was taken with an Ikonta with coated f3.5 Novar lens:
  4. Wow, that's a nice photo
  5. Just avoid the Ikonta D, which takes 116 film. As Winfried noted, it's quite rare anyways, so it's pretty unlikely you would buy it by mistake.

    The plus of the Super Ikonta is the rangefinder. The minus is that many have an Albada finder that will be completely shot. The cheaper Ikontas (no rangefinder) used simple finders that age well.

    You do get a gorgeously large negative with a 6x9 size Ikonta (C).

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