Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Repair Person?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by roseberry guitars, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    I just picked up a very clean Zeiss Ikon Contaflex I, for a few
    bucks, and it needs a shutter overhaul. Anyone know of a good repair
    person for these? Although I live in Canada, anywhere in North
    America, that I can ship to, is fine. Thanks in advance.
  2. gib


    I dunno, but I have read that the contaflex shutters are incredibly complicated and most repair folk run screaming at the thought.

    I hope I am wrong.
  3. I think there's a guy in North Carolina who handles these. The shutters aren't complicated, but the linkage between the mirror and shutter is. Anyone remember the name of the repair guy in North Carolina?
  4. I've never used them, but a while back I mailed KEH and they said they'd CLA my Contaflex IV for $150.
  5. Wolf Umbach of Z-V Service (he was an official Zeiss Ikon-Voigtlander repairman back in the day), 252-249-2576 (umbach@cconnect.net)
  6. I think this is they guy Mike is thinking of , W.W. Umbach

    Scot, I will send you his address and phone number in a e-mail.He is very good,he could not fix my camera ,because of parts, but has done work for Lynn Loeffel.
  7. I'll second the reccomendation of Wolf Umbach of Z-V Service. I used him for a Super Ikonta B recently and am quite pleased with the service and timing. It's worth a call to find out if he can service the camera.
  8. Thanks Christopher. That's the man of whom I was thinking.
  9. WW Umbach serviced my Super B and did a very nice job. BUt he told me that the Contaflex 1 is no longer servicable.

  10. In Dec 2004 Shutterbug magazine listed WW Umbach's email as wolwalu57@pinelink.com
  11. Sure! Keep in touch with Henry Scherer, he is the best. His website URL is http://www.zeisscamera.com/First.html Good luck!
  12. Antonio, Scherer specializes in the Contax RFs &, lately, Contarex SLRs, not the Contaflex *SLRs*. He does mention being able to work on the original Contaflex *TLR* on his site, but that camera is a completely different beast from the post-WWII leaf-shutter SLRs that bear the same name (the TLR had a Contax-like shutter).

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