Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor 56/2 - Disassemble & CLA?

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  1. Hello,
    I have a Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor 56/2 that I would like to disassemble and clean. Specifically, I would like to clean the inside part of the taking lens and the horizontal and vertical viewfinder lenses. The problem is that I don't know how to disassemble the camera. I unscrewed the two small screws on each side towards the front, but the front part doesn't seem to want to pull away from the rest of the camera body and I don't want to force it open and risk breaking something. Any advice regarding how to disassemble this camera so I can do some cleaning would be greatly appreciated.
  2. My Tengor is the 54/2, which I think is the earlier model. The front panel containing the lens and the viewfinder lenses is held on by two screws, one on each of the longer sides. On the 54/2, that's all, and when you take these out, the front panel is eased off, though it may be a snug fit. Taking the front panel off reveals (if the 56/2 is essentially like the 54/2) the shutter assembly, which is a spring-loaded disk with a cutout slot, and a plated paddle which swings out of the way when the shutter lever is moved to let the shutter disk do its work, then swings back to act as a light baffle when the slotted disk is returning to its rest position. The levers for setting the distance and aperture only protrude through the curved slots in the front panel, and you won't pull them away when you remove the front.
    Once I had the front panel off, it was a simple matter to clean the viewfinder assemblies and the inner lens surface. There isn't much else to do!
    Although it's quite certainly over-cautious, I used a fine artist's paintbrush to paint the back of the baffle with black paint. When looking through the rear of the open Tengor, I could see a little flash of light as the baffle move back over the exposed aperture after a 'take', and figured if I could see it, so could the film plane. Perhaps most of that flash of reflection came from light getting in the open back than the lens side, but I did it anyway.
    The inside is very simple, of course, but it has the elegance that goes with simplicity. The only slightly tricky thing, and even then it's not frustratingly finicky or anything like that, is lining up the aperture and distance levers with their slots on the front when you offer the front panel back to the camera body.
  3. Thanks Alex!

    This sounds very helpful. I will give this a shot and report back. After some more exhaustive searching on the internet I also found this link which shows pictures of the disassembly of a Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor 56/2:
  4. That looks very useful, and the 56/2 does look to have quite a few differences in the assembly, though I see the same kind of shutter and paddle arrangement. The 54/2 also has a slower aperture set, at 11/16/22, to the 56/2's 8/11/16.
    This makes me want to take the Tengor out and put another roll of film through it.
  5. AN old thread but I wanted to give it a shot. I am looking to disassemble the 56/2 also. The link to the instructions is no longer valid. Anyone have a new link?

  6. Thanks Dave!

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