Zeiss-Ikon 6x9 Folding Camera

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  1. Looking for a lens locking ring to connect the bellow with the lens, I have a
    Zeiss-Ikon F4.5 10.5cm and also looking for some 6x9 film holders. Any help
    would be great.
  2. The nut for that lens probably has a 25mm ID. If you could measure it to be sure, I can
    browse the parts bin.
  3. Thanks Pico Digoliardi for the fast reply. Yes I'm looking fot the nut to the back of the lens.
  4. One more thing - if you have the 'box' type 6x9 (completely encloses into a box which has no
    round edges), and possibly with the marking of "61105a" on the white distance scale, then it
    takes one-sided steel 6x9 holders, and each holder is of two parts, a platform on the inside
    to hold the film which is then pushed in place and secured under a little sprung flap.
    Nothing else, to my knowledge, will fit or work. Rather hard to find stuff.

    Yup, it's true 6x9cm, too. Great little camera with front rise
  5. That's model 207/3, a rebranded Maximar. Right?
  6. My model is a Zeiss-Ikon model # 250/3 and the # inside the lens area F 76745 could be S# of the camera. it also has a back the open with ground glass like my 9x12 camera that I still use and cut my favorite film for it. But not I want to start using this camera. Everything is in ment shape.
  7. Sorry for the miss-spelling. It's now 2:56am. Now I'm going to bed.
  8. OT, but most of the problems I have photographically can be traced back to the nut behind the lens....... :)
  9. I have lots of shutter screw rings lying around - I think one of them should fit your shutter. Please notify me via private e-mail.
  10. I'm either showing my ignorance, or being over picky, but shouldn't that be 6.5x9 cm?
  11. 23C Light Guide
    Yes, it should be 6.5x9cm. Exposed area 58mm x 87mm
  12. Below is a scan of the three parts of the 6.5x9 film holder. The center part holds the film and slips into the main holder, fitting under the bottom lip and a sprung flat at the top. The other is, of course, the dark slide.
  13. Pico That's it;=D
  14. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire, mostly on film.

    I have a set of three of these holders (for a smaller size, roughly 6 x 4.5; the little ground glass is really cute) for one of my cameras. These are described as plate holders in the maker's information, but are exactly as the picture above shows, except for the film sheath (i.e there isn't one); so does the sheath just give the film extra thickness and stiffness) to allow it to be fitted into a plate holder?

    I had half an idea of trying to fit cut film into my holders; I planned simply to cut a sheet of aluminium to size (and paint it black) to fill out the thickness, and maybe use transparent 'photo corners' or something to hold the film on the sheet.
  15. But my model is 250/3.
  16. Zeiss-Ikon model 250/3
  17. Pete

    There can be some confusion between 'cut film holders' which only accept cut film and 'plate holders' which can accept plates and also cut film in a special inserts which takes the place of the glass plate.

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