Zeiss, Hasselblad and PMA 2005

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by victor|4, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Just over a year ago (January 2004) the infamous Kornelius J.
    Fleischer wrote, among other things, the following:

    "...At Zeiss, we currently work on an extremely impressive new lens
    for the Hasselblad 6 x 6 system. It will take us a while, so I do not
    promise it for this year's photokina..."

    With that in mind what do you all think? Any predictions? Wild
    guesses? Fanciful wishes?

    It's only two more weeks, but not yet too late to tend to the rumor
  2. Hi Victor,

    unfortunately Zeiss has designed a lot of great lenses for different camera manufacturers which you can't buy (4.0/600 Tele-Apotessar for 35mm Contax, zoom lenses with central shutter for Hasselblad, and many more)

  3. Zoom lens for Hasselblad 6X6. Yes! If so, great! Say 45-90 F4, strongly needed!
  4. There were, and still is a zoomlens for 6x6 Hasselblad.<br>First, there was the Schneider 140-280 mm lens, in both shutterless and shuttered versions.<br>Now there still is a shutterless 60-120 mm zoom.<br><br>So if you need one... ;-)
  5. Where has Kornelius been? He hasn't posted since November. Hope things are well with him......................

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