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  1. Anybody experience or test extender 2xE;2xMuttar;1,4xE on a
    Regular Plannar ZEISSCF.80mmT2,8mm?is the sharpness still
    visible in corners with a 500 ELX -"C"Vision eye piece?Instead of
    a 150mm or 180mm approach for Portraits,Consideration of the
    2 Stops loss!!!IS it a reliable conveniance when you can't afford
    to a brand new expensive long focal lengh!
  2. Jerome: The Teleconverter 1.4XE is for use for 100-500mm lenses only. The instruction manual states that it is optimized for those focal lengths and warns against using it with shorter focal lengths, or damage may occur, so I do not believe it is an answer for your 80mm lens. John Mitchell
  3. Using 2XE part will do fine increassing two stops,but with
    colimators and McBeth charts test is there any color aberration
    ,vigneting,sensivity accuracy loss,drop out resolving power?
    Any way this is quite a handy tool in your bag realy,especially in
  4. If you are trying to save money, I think you might be better off considering a used tele lens.

    I think all tele converters work better on tele lenses: I bought a 2nd hand 250, and a 2x convertor is chaeper than a 500!
  5. Dick, could you tell me your experience with 250/2x? I have just bought a 250 CF thinking about buying a 2x later on. thanks

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