Zeh Goldie photos 127 very moving!

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  1. As some of you know, I explore old roads and trails in the Forrest and Swamps down here in Florida. Today I saw a fresh set of tracks going back into the woods and put my truck in 4WD and followed them. What I found almost made me fall to my knees. I shot these photos and came right home to process and scan them and I thought I would share a small group that tell the story. The first thing I found back in the middle of nowhere, in the woods, was a sign with three soldiers on it. Next to it was a sign POW MIA. I kept following the trail and came to a wooden shelter built of wood with a tin roof. Aparently this was a gathering of POW's on the 4th of July in 1991. Inside the shelter were chairs and a snare drum, flags, all kinds of stuff, like they just got up and left it years ago. Then I saw some flowers and a cross marker with a bunch of names, and the reason for the fresh tracks. A fresh grave. There was no headstone, just a bunch of flowers with a southern cross battle flag in the center of the flowers. Aparenly this POW was so close to these other guys from the party, that he wanted to be buried there. It makes me wonder if there are more guys there in the woods, with no headstones either. This was the most moving experiance I have had in a long time and wanted to share it with you guys.
  2. I shot those photos with a 1932 Goldie 127 film camera I had in the glove box.Schneider lens. 127 is not dead!!!
  3. That's Goldi not Goldie, I guess I don't look at that side of the camera enough.
  4. Great shots Cliff, they really tell a story. What 127 film did you use?
  5. Were these with the 4x3 Goldi or the 4x6.5 Goldi. I have both, and the 4x6.5 camera does not cover the full format below f:8. Check my Portfolio for my Goldi picts. I love the 127 camera and it is very nice to see someone else using them. Keep it up, maybe we will get some color film some day.
  6. Ralf those were the Efke r100 and Mark my camera is the 3x4 little jewel. I shot two rolls of the B&W today and 1 roll of color. Here are two shots with the color in the Goldi. It is re-rolled AGFA 46mm Portrait XPS 160. And yes I like my 127.
  7. Picture 2
  8. Here are three more Goldi shots going into the Moss Bluff Lock and Dam, the Dam Dinner, and the Lock that the boats come through.
  9. The Moss Bluff Lock and Dam looks very good and shows great detail. Is that an old fire engine on #2? I like it too and exposure is very good.
  10. Yes , that's an old fire truck. The Schneider is not color corrected at all, and you can't blow the shots up too much. The colors are all seperated and blotchy. The black and white are extremly sharp with that lens. It's nice to see some color from it sometimes even though it's not good.
  11. I have Goldi 3x4 too, just like yours. Mine comes with the Zecanar Anastigmat and Pronto 3 speed shutter, the results on Maco Chrome 100 were not that great. Must get it out again, and rolls some Reala 100 for it.

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