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  1. Greetings. I have a Mamiya 645, a ZD back, and a IEEE 13?? cable. I have been trying to down load a copy of the Mamiya Digital Photostudio software and manual, without success. The sites referred to on Photo.Net either do not work, or are no longer in existence. One site just downloads viruses and Ad Software. Has any one got a copy of this early version, or can direct me to a site, I'd be most graceful.
    Thanks, Peter Elliott, Brisbane Australia
  2. Have you tried the MAC (Mamiya America Corp.) web site? I would think that they still have support, drivers etc. for digital Mamiyas.
    Shouldn't matter that you're not in the US.
  3. I think the successor is Mamiya Leaf (http://www.mamiyaleaf.com/), which appears to have hitched itself to Capture One, which may affect the situation. However, Mamiya's websites have often given good support for old stuff. Maybe see what's at:
  4. Peter,
    Perhaps you already found this, but a few years ago I downloaded the Version 1.3.0 installer for this software, dated 28 December 2006, from www.mamiya.co.jp - HOWEVER, it is just an update patch - it won't work unless one already has the original Mamiya DPS software installed. I never managed to locate the original DPS software, so the updater is useless without it...
    OTOH, if you are also looking for Mamiya Remote Capture for the ZD camera and backs, I do have a working version of that. I believe it does the same thing as Mamiya DPS, as regards controlling the camera/back and its settings over Firewire. Just the other week I sent a copy to an Italian photographer, who was similarly at his wit's end trying to get his ZD camera connected up, and he was delighted with it. Let me know if you'd like a copy.
    I myself never had a ZD camera or back, but came close to choosing a ZD back 4 or 5 years ago, hence my acquisition of all the ZD software I could find at the time.
  5. Ray
    Thanks for that. Could you send me a copy of the Mamiya Remote Capture, and I'll try it. Thanks
  6. Hi
    Thanks for those answers. I got onto Phase One (Australian Distributor very helpful), and tried an early version of Capture - which I couldn't get to work.
    So if anyone out there has a copy of Mamiya Digital Photostudio (hopefully with manual) I'd be most grateful for a copy
    Thanks, and Kindest Regards
    Peter Elliott
  7. Peter - PM sent.
  8. Hi Peter, well, a very old thread, but good news: I got the software Mamiya Digital PhotoStudio Windows version 1.3.0 (2006) on CD. Either I burn a copy for you and send it in a letter or I'll send my original to you, you install it and send it back. Just tell me how... I have a quite similar problem: On my Mamiya RB67 Pro SD I use the digital back Mamiya ZD Back DB. I have not used the camera for several years. Now I have purchased new batteries and would like to use the camera again - but tethered shooting. When purchasing the digital back, a CF card with the software BS701 was delivered. This software automatically established the connection between the camera and PC using a Firewire cable. In the display of the back I get now no longer a "PC" symbol (before I used a Mac), which signals the successful connection. Strangely, however, Windows (acoustic: didlidimm) signals that the IEEE Firewire cable at the interface of the PC is recognized. Unfortunately, I lost this CF card with the communication software and now look for someone who can send me a copy of this software, or at least knows how to manage tethered shooting with a standard Windows system. On my server I have still a backup of this software, but the backup consists only of a single file named "MOP_LOAD.BIN". I do not know how I have to integrate / install this software on the CompactFlash card. Software: Mamiya Digital PhotoStudio, Capture One 6, RawTherapee 5.0 Hardware: x86, 32-bit, Windows 10 Cheers Frank Gosebruch

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