Z9specs out?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Rick Helmke, Jul 19, 2021.

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    Those are not scratches. There is black gaffer tape around the rear LCD. It looks like that is not a fixed LCD, different from the D5 and D6.

    Please keep in mind that is apparently a prototype Z9. I would imagine it is quite close to the final design by now, if Nikon is indeed going to release it within 2021, but the final product may still be somewhat different. And given Covid 19, the schedule can easily change.
  2. ... and the new pics do show the 10pin and PC socket 'block' to be at 45 deg to the body.

    The battery end 'plug' looks like a normal BR-5 but with a bit of wrap around bodywork leading around the back
  3. Yeah I see now! So it has an articulating LCD.
  4. It looks that way with the 2 recessed tabs on the top edge to allow a fingernail to grip it and pull out and down/up.

    There were hints it folds/hinges out to the right too??? I personally think that's unlikely.
  5. I don't know. The argument against it would be it would be less rugged but the argument for it would be great for vblogger. But then the Z9 is mostly the sport, wildlife action camera. I don't think vbloggers would buy it for their videos.
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  6. It's not just vlogging that a two-axis tilting screen is useful for. E.g. when photographing plants near the ground, or vertical images from a camera position above one's head, being able to tilt the display in both directions is helpful. A lot of waterbirds are photographed with the camera positioned as close to the water surface as possible. This has the benefit of being able to separate the animal more effectively from water ripples and get a background with more features from distant landscapes as well (even if just coloured blurred areas, but still it gives it more sense of place). For this type of shots, tilting the screen helps a lot as one doesn't have to dig a hole to use the screen in default orientation, or the viewfinder. This camera likely ends the separation of slow (but high resolution) and fast cameras in the high end and aims at providing everything in one, including high-quality video. Today photojournalists and event photographers who used to do still photography may need to provide video and streaming services in the absence of live audiences, thus the video features are important. Being able to choose the shooting height (waist level, low to the ground, eye level and higher) gives more aesthetic and creative options and when the camera is on tripod, using the viewfinder can stir the image so the LCD is used often in preference to the viewfinder to monitor and aim the video. It's a camera for a changed landscape.

    In the past, shooting hand-held from an awkward angle could introduce camera shake (as the camera isn't supported by pressing against one's face but with in-camera VR (combined with in-lens VR) and EFCS, the stability has improved significantly, and it's much easier to do those shots now with e.g., the Z6 II. The Z9 will no doubt be a bit heavier, but the pressure seems to be on Nikon to produce an all-purpose flagship now.
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  7. Almost certainly. But the images of the Z9 so far show it as very thin!

    I guess the limiting depth factor is the EnEl18.
  8. 24 MP is more than enough for a professional sports photographer, whose work is displayed at 80 dpi in the newspaper. Ancillary needs are high battery capacity, minimal storage time, fast repeat rate, and possibly electronic delivery. Exactly why that should be the inspiration for non-sports photographers remains a mystery.
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    The battery is going to be inside the vertical grip, and the size of the grip should be comfortable for the right hand. Therefore, the thickness of the body doesn't matter all that much.

    Incidentally, the Z9 will have 8K video. Therefore, it is likely to be at least 45MP, which is a bit an overkill for sports, but it is good for wildlife and especially birds.

  10. That wasn't what I meant.... possibly the opposite!

    If you look down on a D6, the battery-grip 'bulge' doesn't project forwards much from the body line.... 'cos it's got a big, deep body.

    The lack of mirror box etc allows the body to be much slimmer on the Z9. That will effect the right hand grip depth. The shape of the grip has slowly evolved to be much better in recent bodies.
  11. I think too that the Z9 would have 45MP and that makes it the fastest camera in term of MP and fps combined.
  12. But the Z9 isn't any thinner than a film body like the F5 or F6.
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    The Sony A1 is 50MP with 30 fps, but you can achieve 30 fps only with certain lenses. I heard that in reality, it could "only" be 27, 28 fps, but that is close enough.

    We know the Z9 has 8K video, but I am not entirely sure what its frame rate will be. However, if you use old lenses, the frame rate could be capped. E.g. you must use E lenses to get even 14 fps on the D6.
  14. I guess the Z9 gets thinner 'cos of no mirrorbox and gains a bit with the back LCD.

    Still looks thinner to me.....;)
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    I am afraid that you are reading too much into a camera that is not yet announced. The Z6 and Z7 are quite small and thin. I think they are not tall enough so that my little finger cannot hold onto the grip. Otherwise I think that grip is comfortable enough. I am sure Nikon will do a fine job with the Z9, but it could be annoying if it needs a battery different from the EN-EL18.
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  16. I'm pretty sure it has been....:)

    Nikon Z 9 | Flagship 8K Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

    The gripped Z6ii is about right for my smallish hands, but is a bit skinny gripless.

    If I pop my 300mm 2.8 vr on the bare Z6ii, it's a bit front heavy....:D
  17. Front heavy? When I use a lens large enough to merit a tripod foot, I support the lens with the left hand, and aim and press with my right hand. Seems balanced to me.
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    Mike, take a closer look: "Nikon is proud to announce the development of the Z9 ...." That is not the announcement of a product. An official announcement must include all the specs, pictures of all sides of the product, price, and availability time frame. Typically they also have the product available for the new media to check.

    The development of a product can start as long as 2, 3 years before the final introduction, although Nikon has suggested that the Z9 will be officially introduced in 2021, but of course that is subjected to change.
  19. Oh, an announcement for a future announcement...:rolleyes:

    Just daft.

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