Z9 Teaser video.

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  1. Well, it's less absurd than the breathless we-just-reinvented-the-wheel malarkey Nikon produced for the Df campaign. But then I suspect more will follow?

    Nikon--leading from behind...
  2. Sandy Vongries

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    Do you own a Df? Have you taken many thousands of photos with one? If not, I have serious misgivings about the value your opinion. As to the Z, I'm too invested in the F mount and satisfied with the results I get to be interested.
  3. I think he was referring to the rather odd campaign style rather than the Df itself...;)
  4. ShunCheung

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    Finally we have teaser #2:

    Looks like the Z9 can do 8K video for up to an hour and 20 minutes. The lens she is using seems to be the 200-600.
  5. There's certainly something bigger than the Z70-200mm.... and the 100-400mm is about the same size as that in the silhouette roadmap.

    How big is a single 80min 8K video? Internal storage?
  6. ShunCheung

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    Accompanying teaser #2, Ricci has already posted a video analyzing that teaser:

    Clearly Ricci has access to those teaser videos well in advance. In other words, obviously Ricci is part of Nikon's marketing campaign. There is nothing wrong with that, but please keep that in mind. I would imagine that Ricci probably already has a Z9 prototype in hand.

    Ricci thinks the lens in the video is the future 100-400mm S in the Z mount. IMO, the lens in the video seems big for a 100-400, which I assume to be an f5.6, but it would be small for a 200-600, which is typically f6.3 on the 600mm end. Perhaps it is more likely to be the 100-400.

    The safari video is from the Inyati Game Lodge. I did a quick search and that is in South Africa. I have been to Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa. In South Africa, they tend to use those open-top type safari vehicles. In Eastern Africa, they tend to use Land Rovers with hatches in the roof. In all of those countries, the driver is on the right side, looks unusual for those of us in North America, but normal for the British and Australians.

    For 4K video, my rule of thumb for file size is 1G per minute. For 8K video, you can multiple by 4 but with further compression, maybe we are talking about 2 to 3G per minute? 80 minutes can be handled by a 256G card?? There are reasons that CFexpress Type B cards are available in 512G, 1T, and 2T variations. I think the bigger problem is heat generation and battery consumption if you capture 80 minutes of video continuously.
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  7. Think you missed my point, Sandy--obviously.
  8. If it is 80 min. in one clip, then the EU customs will treat as a video camera, as far as I know. A clip of max 30 min. then it is a normal camera with a lower import duty.
  9. I wonder what that means for the UK?

  10. ordinary cameras from Japan have 0% import duty, whereas video recorders have 4.9% plus VAT, which in Holland is 21%, Denmark 25% and 18% Germany all calculated on the CIF destination costs! I have no idea about UK, but may be it is routed via Northern Ireland :)
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  11. How about phones? Do they have a time limit? I've never tried...;)

    I've always thought the 30min time limit for a single take was a bit odd. Almost no-one does that!

    Equally, I do wonder what the new limit is based on. Heat, battery or storage?

    If it will do, say, 1080P60 for 5 hours or so, that might make unattended hide use interesting.
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    The Z9 will cost $7000, $8000. Another 4.9% hardly makes any difference. Either you can afford it or you can't. :rolleyes:
    (Recall that the D3x debuted at $8000. That kind of price tag is not unheard-of.)
  13. In Europe they add between 19-25% VAT, but I agree for a usd 8K it is likely unimportant, but still manufacturers set a limit for the video clip to 30 min. because of the duties also on far cheaper models
  14. Teaser 3 is out!

    That AF tracking is awesome...:)
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    Still waiting for Ricci's commentary video. :rolleyes:
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  16. If you video concerts, long discussions or similar events you might run into this limit quite easily.
  17. And how many people have anything they can view 8K video on? Or with a big enough screen to perceive a difference between 8K and 4K?

    No matter what technological miracle we're given, it never seems enough, and then the 'next big thing' comes along to part us from our money.

    Time we were happy with what we've already got. Just for the sake of the planet and before we're left with nothing!
    After 1 hour 20 minutes, there'd be nobody left awake to care.

    Anybody up for a remake of Hitchcock's Rope?
  18. I don't really even think that the difference between FullHD and 4K is particularly relevant when viewing videos. ;-) I've burned some videos that I made in FullHD format on blu-ray discs and they play fine on my 4K TV. I do like high resolution for stills for some subject matter (especially nature photography).

    I do record video in 4K mode, it takes ridiculous amounts of storage space but the exported FullHD look better when the original was 4K. :/ I know that this is just a question of the camera's design; some professional FullHD video cameras do produce excellent output without needing 4K capability. I can't imagine using 8K for anything as I'd run out of storage space very quickly, and my patience would not endure editing them.

    Yes, they want people to want something more so that they can make money without having to find new customers. However, it's up to us to decide whether to take up on the offered products. I think the Z6 II is actually quite good for what I use it for (mainly it's limited when there is fast movement towards or away from the camera) and have no plans for now for a Z9 purchase.

    I can't really disagree with that.
  19. Is that what 30fps sounds like with the long jumper?

    Ilkka. (mainly it's limited when there is fast movement towards or away from the camera)

    +1 Head on tracking was always tricky!
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  20. There's those nice, long single takes of wildlife in the forest and bird-feeders that would keep the cat's entertained for hours....on a wall sized 8K screen.

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