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  1. What exactly is disappointing?
  2. The Z9 could/would replace all my Nikon F-mount gear - safe the two PF lenses. Given that the majority of the native Z-mount lenses I would want haven't been released yet, I'd be using my three-lens Sony system for my general photography and the Z9 for avian and wildlife photography. Only time would tell whether I consolidate to a single system later. I expect the Z9 not be available for off-the-shelf purchase within a year of its release - so any purchase decision would not happen before early 2023 anyway.
  3. So it seems the the screen is not fully articulate. Just fold up and down.
  4. It turns around two axis without having to be flipped out to the left. This seems ideal as a screen flipped out could more easily be damaged. Also it may be easier to use it for composition as it is not positioned far off-center compared to the optical axis of the lens.
  5. Ha! The amount of new info, or lack there-of....... still very much a holding page!

  6. Remove the time spent on the model and there's very seconds of camera actually shown. Not sure I know much more than I did before. Far out of my league regardless. Maybe on the used market, if I live another ten years or so.
  7. Real or fake shutter noise? The shutter of my z6 is so quiet that I donโ€™t bother with the silent option.
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  9. I don't think the GOF motor drive sound is Nikon. Remember thinking that it was Olympus OM, for some reason, maybe it was the newly released F3 that we did not have. Always liked the song!

    I had an FM with MD-11 back then, and had access to F2's with MD-2. That MD-11 cost me a lot of meter batteries, I always forgot to turn it off. Finally put a piece of tape across the meter activation contacts!
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  10. Been down the mirrorless path with other brands. Bought a new DF a couple of months ago, ordered a new D780 from B&H last week and will be slowly divesting myself of all things mirrorless, with the exception of my Leica M262.
  11. Ah, but that's why it's called a teaser, it's meant to get people in the mood for eventually the moment when more information is revealed. ;-)

    I'm surprised they'd have shutter sound. This could mean they have implemented stacked sensor to do fast AF data collection (as per a recent patent) and are not confident that the electronic shutter works well enough for every situation. I don't mind actually I find the Z6 II shutter sound pleasing and quiet enough. However, a lot of people are probably expecting fast silent shutter.
  12. +1

    On CH+, it's a softer, gentler noise, but reminds me of some badass, silenced fully automatic from CoD.....:cool:

    Silent shutter is just a bit boring....:D

    One thing spotted was that the exposure info on the back LCD rotates (to the bottom) when in Portrait orientation.

    Somewhere on his site Thom has said it's got a surprise no-one is expecting. (meaning of surprise... no?) but maybe that's just his way.

    Truly global shutter?
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    Introducing the Z9 without a few super-telephoto lenses would make absolutely no sense. Body and lenses have to arrive as a package. Hopefully the global IC chip shortage and Covid-19 will gradually subside (probably not disappearing completely, but the residual effect will be small, hopefully) when we are into 2022. The 1918 Spanish Flu lasted about two years, when medicine was not nearly as sophisticated as it is today, but international travel was also not as common as it is today.

    Concerning the Z9, I just wish Nikon would simply announce it. After all, the first pre-announcement was way back in March. That was 7 months ago. In case you would like to discuss more about this first teaser video and have 6.5 minutes to spare, Ricci has a new video to discuss the teaser. He is well connected to Nikon and probably has non-public knowledge. BTW, it looks like the playback button is moved to the right side of the Z9, and you would press on that with your right thumb.

  14. What's the button just offset and below the eyepiece (on the back!)

    I guess it's the one to select EVF/LCD or both etc. but it's not got a label.

    It doesn't look like a VF 'shutter blind' either. Why would it need one?
  15. Have people not learned the lesson of leaving a 'cooling off' period between a new camera model being released and any teething troubles appearing and being addressed? Especially with Nikon's history.

    Drooling over a camera that isn't available yet seems even more foolhardy than rushing headlong to buy an untried and untested one that is actually on sale.

    Two strong predictions about the Z9.
    • It'll take pictures practically indistinguishable from any other current camera.
    • It'll be superceded by another 'innovative' new model before it's earned its keep or become worn out.
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  16. Yes, that's between it actually coming out and anyone being able to buy it...... emphasis on the BUY IT!

    No-one's actually talking about buying it, just, err, details about it!

    Some people call it 'saving', rather than 'cooling off'.....;)
  17. I don't care for new release camera. I would buy a camera at the point when I can get one at the lowest price new (I meant new not used nor refurbished).
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    Initially I assumed that we would have weekly teasers for a little while, but it has been a full seven days since the first teaser. At least I haven't seen a second one yet.
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  19. I really hope it's not monthly!

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