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  1. I accidently left my Z6 set for 16:9 image area. No biggie and it suited what I was doing. I just assumed that one could still pull the full image from the RAW file, but I didn't see any option to change it in Nikon NX-D. Does anybody know if all the data is saved?

    Anyway, here's some nice 16:9 pumpkins-

  2. I've never played with these options, so am looking forward to knowledgeable answers!
  3. If I remember correctly setting the aspect ratio to 4:5 on my D3 produced a smaller raw file, it wasn't a switchable raw option - the image was 'baked' at that size and dimensions.

    I've not tried anything similar on the Z6, but I'm pretty sure it will be the same thing.
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    Unfortunately, when you set the image area to 16:9, only a 36x20mm area of the sensor is used (instead of 36x24mm). The extra 4mm in the height is lost, forever.
  5. You'd think it would make more sense for these presets to be final in jpeg for straight OOC use and a temp. masked area in RAW for subsequent change., but keeping the whole frame.

    Storage size isn't really an issue anymore in camera.

    After all, the RAW needs converting anyway and is of no immediwte use OOC.
  6. Presumably in crop modes the camera only reads a part of the sensor data, which can speed up things, including buffering. For example, on the D850, the 14-bit lossless compressed NEF buffer is 51 images in FX and 200 in DX. The Z6 manual doesn't list these specs for DX crop mode, though, but I'd expect comparable improvement.

    I don't think it would be a common use case where you'd want different compositions stored in the RAW and in-camera JPGs. If you want to make an in-camera JPG with cropping, you can do that in the retouch menu.
  7. I guess I treat composition like white-balance, all options are available, post shoot, from the complete data set.

    But I can see a need for straight OOC redimensioned JPEGS with the greying out of the VF for better framing and then immediate use, such as printing/displaying thumbnails maybe.

    My solution would also mean Conrad's problem couldn't have happened...:D
  8. With my tiny Sony RX100 M3, the RAW default setting is 4:3 but I change the VIEWING through the lens and LCD screen to 1:1, so I can better concentrate on my subject. Onece I open these RAW files in PS, the appear 1:1 in camera Raw but also 4:3. In fact images are registrated by default 4:3 (full frame) and the VIEWING is cropped.

    Anybody knowing on how to get the same option with my Z6?

    Thank you !
  9. No can do. Nikon decided in-camera crop means CROP!

    The end.
  10. Thank you for this unhappy end !
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  11. Moral of story, for me anyway, is always use full area!
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  12. Interesting that the Sony RX100 M3 went the way i thought Nikon should!

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