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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Greg Fight, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. Question for you Z camera users: I'm doing a time lapse project using the Interval Timer in my Z50 and I wanted to use the built-in flash to trigger remote flashes for a portion of the project. Problem is, you can't turn on the flash when in Interval Timer mode. Am I overlooking something here?
  2. I guess that's deliberate to save the tube from busting.

    However, any small fully manual flash could be popped on the hot shoe at 1/32 power, or the minimum to trigger the slaves.

    If you have anything like a pair of Yongnou 502n s, it would have the same effect. Then the RF triggered flash could trigger others slaves.

    I deliberately got 4 x Yongnou 506iii flashes for similar purposes.

    Late Thought.. I'm guessing the hot shoe is still triggered by the shutter, i suppose it's possible the camera disables that too??
  3. Sorry, typo. Should read 560iii flashes. Fully RF controllable for angular coverage and power.

  4. Yes, the hot shoe is also disabled in Interval Timer mode. I wonder if the same is true on the Z6 and Z7. The flash (built-in or hot shoe mounted) is not disabled on my D300 in Interval Timer mode.
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  5. Wow, what a bummer! I'd never come across a disabled hot-shoe...:(

    I wonder if there's a well hidden menu option somewhere? Maybe near where you might adjust Manual flash power?

    Don't suppose cameras have a PC socket these days....;)
  6. Searched the menu high and low. Also tried changing many different settings, all to no avail. And no, there's no PC socket.
  7. I noticed that the Z50 can be controlled from a smart phone. Does the smart phone application, or a third party application, have an interval timer? Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 does have an interval timer.
  8. Good call! I'll check the smart phone app.
  9. What socket does the Z50 have for external control?

    Guess it's not the old 10 pin!
  10. None of the Zs have the 10 pin, which is a shame. The phone app works reasonably well.
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  11. They are?
    I'm regretting buying a set of (comparatively) expensive Godox V860N speedlights now.

    I can't believe that Nikon have crippled the flash on the Z50 in intervalometer mode though. Oh wait, it's Nikon.... now I believe it.
  12. The built-in flash can heat up quickly, has a long recycle time and is not intended for continuous / heavy usage. If you have a short interval between shots (< 30 s) probably the built-in flash's condition would prevent the camera from firing after a bit of time. I guess the designers it would be a big hassle to explain all the limitations that the use of the built-in flash would introduce when using the interval timer.
  13. Definitely true, but why deactivate the hotshoe? I've never met that before.
  14. Maybe it's unintended. Software error.
    Ask Nikon. They might fix it in a firmware update.
  15. Oh, I didn't realize that was the case also.
  16. Seems that way.

  17. Mike, there is no socket for external control on the Z50. There is an HDMI port, an external mic port, and a USB port for connecting to a computer or recharging the battery in camera.
  18. Okay, now I feel foolish. In the Interval Timer submenu there is a Silent Shutter setting that was turned on. The flash, built-in or hot shoe-mounted, won't fire in Silent Shutter mode. Turning Silent Shutter off enables both the built-in flash and hot shoe-mounted flash. I don't know but I would guess the same applies to the Z6 and Z7.
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