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  1. I rented a Nikon Z Teleconverter TC-2.0X recently to see how it performs with my Nikkor Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S on my Z7ii.

    Overall, I thought the results were quite good. (I was not impressed with my previous Nikon Teleconverter TC-200 which I bought many years ago and rarely used.) Until Nikon starts to produce their longer telephoto Z lenses this could be something to consider.

    I have attached a couple of photos. For the first set of the house all photos were shot at ISO 64, 1/100 second, f8, on a tripod.

    Photo 1 – A photo taken at 70mm (no teleconverter) to give some perspective

    Photo 2 – A photo taken with the teleconverter attached, the lens set at 200mm and the image size set at DX, resulting in a 600mm equivalent focal length.

    Photo 3 – A 100% crop of Photo 2

    Photo 4 – Just for fun, a 200% crop of Photo 2

    I added the last two photos (neither cropped) just to show some different subjects. The mourning dove was set at DX, the color checker at FX.

    Photo 1
    Photo 2
    600 mm DX.jpg
    Photo 3
    100% Crop.jpg
    Photo 4 200% crop.jpg


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  2. Although I have not tested the Z teleconverters extensively, they appear to be the best Nikon converters so far in my experience in term of focus speed and sharpness. The best 2X so far. The downside is only the 70-200 S lens can use them at this time.
  3. Can you still use it before the FTZ?

    ie Z body + TC + FTZ + 70-200mm F mount (E version)
  4. Unfortunately No because it is not compatible with the FTZ adapter. Hopefully more S lenses will be able to use it in the near future.
  5. Anyone know what happens if you try?

    Is it an electronic crippling not a mechanical one?
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  6. Adding a 30mm extension ring between a lens and a TC may not allow you to focus to infinity anymore - depending on the lens in use.
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  7. AFAIK, the FTZ is 'just' an F mount to Z mount spacer..

    However, optically, i guess the before or after matters when another optical element is involved??

  8. Optically, it is a TC behind a lens. A lens that hapens to be an F mount lens plus whatever is needed to make it compatible with a Z mount camera. Should work.
    Electronically and mechanically i do not know. But why not? Can't imagine why, if an F mount lens on an FtoZ adapter works, it would not when you put an Z TC behind it.
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  9. According to the NikonUSA website the TC is currently only compatible with the Z 70-200mm f/2.8.VR S. The Z TC 1.4X is also only compatible with that lens.

    I think a reason that it is not compatible with the FTZ and F mount lenses is the way the front element extends forward outside the mount. The spacing between the front element and the F mount rear lens might not allow for proper focusing. Just a guess.
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  10. But if you can turn an F mount lens into a compatible Z mount lens using the adapter, it should then work as a Z mount lens. No focusing problems.
    The mechanical compatibility, i.e. glass in the TC too close to, i.e. touching the rear element of a Z mount lens should not be a problem with an F mount lens on a FTZ adapter, that adds space to compensate for the shorter flange to sensor distance.
    It could well be that it is a firmware/electronical incompatibility, the TC not working well with IS in the lens, or AF, or something similar.

    Also just a guess. Guessing is fun, which is spoiled by knowing.
    But who knows?
  11. Regardless of other mechanical or electrical limitations, I'm guessing that the location of the element(s) in a TC is quite fussy about where it is in relation to the lens. I doubt you could put a Z TC on the camera and the lens a mile ahead on the FTZ adapter. An F TC would, of course, work just fine on the back of the lens mounted on the FTZ.
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  13. Will not fit.
  14. Farther down in the same link Shun provided it is mentioned that the baffle isn't the issue (it can be modified; the mount needs modification too (a notch needs to be cut)) - but the real issue is that the FTZ before the Z-TC isn't recognized by the software and the combo doesn't work: "Cannot shoot because an unsupported lens is attached." So hacking Nikon's camera software is now the task that needs to be accomplished. Or block the contacts and use the attached lens in manual focus.
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  15. The protrusion goes into the Z body, not the FTZ....;)

    EDIT. I see my problem..I was looking at the TC back to front....:confused:

    Out of curiosity, you could put a slim Z extension ring in to make a nice zoom macro and avoid the protrusion baffle issue.

    But as Dieter says, a software block then occurs.
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  16. The TC and lens need to be designed optically to work together, it's not just some random piece of magnifying glass. The Z converter is not designed to work with F-mount lenses. Likely the results would be crap if you could mount it. Hacking TCs that were not meant for use with incompatible lenses will rarely result in worthwhile image quality.
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    Exactly. In the old days Nikon used to make separate TC-14a and TC-14b. The A has a flat front so that it can be used with short lenses such as your 85mm, 50mm or even wide angles. Why would people do that and whether the results are good is another issue.

    The TC-14b is similar to the current TC-14e variations with a protruding front element that fits into the rear cavity of long teles, usually 70-200 and up. When you add some 30mm of space between the rear of the lens and the TC, the result may not be desirable. Since there are so many F-mount teleconverters, why would someone insists on mounting a Z TC onto it? The baffle is on the FTZ for a reason: it blocks stray light inside. Milling that away is silly.
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  18. Because by all accounts IQ wise, it appears someone has finally put some effort into making them 'properly'....:p

    I expect them to fit with the new 400mm and 600mm long teles.

    EDIT.....or are we going back to the 'matched' TCs for long teles?
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  19. At the quality level of the new lenses I wouldn't be surprised if TCs were best matched. Otherwise, you might as well just use the old F-mount lenses and TCs.
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  20. I don't think a TC can really evaluated without the primary lens that it's to be used with. Z TC's have been designed together with Z lenses so that the aberrations of the combined optical systems are minimized. I don't think one can throw in a lens designed with long flange distance and expect it to perform well in combination with a Z TC.

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