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  1. I'm interested in purchasing a Z-Finder Pro for use on a Nikon D810. Taking stills of seascapes/landscapes primarily and some macro work as well. I'm looking for feedback, pros and cons from those whom might have experience with the Z-Finder, especially if used with the D810. Thanks.
  2. I've used a medium format loupe and a "chimney" Hasselblad finder with the rear LCD display on a Nikon. In my opinion, it's not worth the effort. At 1.3 MP or so, the LCD screen is barely better than the resolving power of your unaided eye. These finders, like the Z-Finder Pro, are bulky, taking the place in your bag better occupied by a lens, flash or filters.
    In terms of composition, the optical finder is more than adequate. For fine focusing or closeup work, there is usually a digital magnification option in live view. For work overhead or close to the ground, there's no substitute for an articulating rear screen.
    Many cameras have an HDMI output which can be used with a small monitor for live view and video production. They can be mounted on a bracket or even in the unused flash shoe, and placed at any angle. Monitors are more expensive than the Z-Finder, but generally between $200 and $500.
  3. I have the Z-Finder EVF Pro, which includes the z-finder loupe and an evf; and a D810. There are lcd frames that let you attach the loupe to your lcd. I have found this to be useful for stills using live view in bright sunlight and of course for video. The evf will allow you to get low angle shots. I like the focus peaking on the evf for focusing manual focus lenses.
    In my experience the only con is the increased profile of your camera/rig.
  4. Thank you both. Much appreciated.

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