youtube video: canon guy nikon girl, funny

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by kevin_b.|2, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Better with the sound off, unless you fancy bad (c)rap "music!"
  2. Yeah, spread the hate! That was terrible. What's up with the pink sunglasses? You're better off if you don't watch this at all. You'll feel worse about yourself regardless of what brand camera you use.
  3. Was hoping it would be funnier than it turned out to be. Had some potential though. Oh well.
  4. Cool! Need to turn up the volume to get the pictures :)
  5. Just wondering how much she was paid to act as that guy's GF?
    One - Dee -Ess - Mark 3 - yo!
  6. Hard to know what to say ;-) I wonder if Canon USA is watching?
  7. Amazing how much work was put into this, considering its just a youtube video. Maybe it was a college assignment.
  8. Joey Lawrence made it. Look him up. 19 or 20 y.o. photographer shooting ad campaigns for Warner Bros etc.
  9. way too long. I wonder if the video was shot with a Sony?
  10. Marc is correct, he's the one that shot all the posters for the movie Twlight, now you know who to blame...
  11. Lol, check out his personal work at His work will speak for itself...
  12. Nathan, aren't almost all pop music videos way too long? And what about the songs themselves? Punk was a deliberate attempt to reduce the tedium and vacuity of the overlong pop song, but, like all forms of pop art, it wasn't long before it, too, became tediously vacuous.
    I must agree that Joey Lawrence's still photographic work is very impressive, and has lasting value as art. What is he doing, then, producing such garbage as the youtube video being discussed in this thread? I guess even artists have to eat. It's just a pity that they have to stoop to such depths to do so...
  13. That video makes me want to buy Sony.
  14. What is he doing?
    You've just watched it. He's promoting himself, it's marketing 2009 style. Meanwhile non tech savvy photography businesses are wilting. He's 19 and shooting the Twilight posters. Photographers such as Joe McNally, Scott Kelby, Chase Jarvis, SylArena etc are on Facebook, Twitter and you name it and growing their business.
  15. that pretty much sucked hind t*t.
  16. I imagine that everyone who did not like it is probably older than 40 and way too uptight. I personally thought it was funny and reminded me of weird al yankovic. I will take this opportunity to use a quote from the movie Stripes - "lighten up francis"
  17. not over 40... and not uptight... that song really is anoying
  18. I so pleased almost everyone else shares my views on that rap. And I don't think it's because we're over 40.
    It's a good concept, just not the best execution - now there's an idea ;-)
  19. I would suggest it was intentionally "dumbed down" and the finished product was "spot on" for their intended purpos.
  20. It's not Mtv or Vh1 , It's only youtube, So I think it's an ok song. A lot out there are worst, And to be fair , I think the song is orig. and the camera crew did a nice job and the video is pro quality.
  21. "Just a YouTube video" which will no doubt get his name out to thousands of potential clients and get him discussed on many photography related sites, introducing him to many who have not yet heard of him. That's brilliant viral marketing
    and worth every cent of the investment. (and lots of fun for a young kid to do)
  22. Approaching 60 years of age, more uptight than I care to admit...I thought it was a funny video.
  23. Maybe it's supposed to be annoying and to some funny? It's clearly not supposed to be taken seriously...
  24. This video made the rounds a month or so ago - I see it's resurfaced again. Kinda funny, but waaaay too long...

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