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  1. Hello everyone,
    I currently shoot youth sport T&I here in Florida. I have been just giving the T&I photos organized by team to the league directly, to then get to the coach, who then hands the photos out to each kid at a game or practice. However the league has made it clear that they do not wish to do this that it takes to long to get the coaches to pick up the orders. And we are also having issues with parents not receiving their photos.
    I am currently using ROES to process the orders and anyone that has used this in the past will know that you receive the orders the way you upload them.
    I have read on other photographers websites that they ship the photos directly to the parents and I was wondering if anyone on here has had any experience getting the photos to the customer this way. Also wile keeping in mind that the league I work with is very large ( about 1200 kids). What kid of cost is involved and is there company you recommend to use for shipping here in the USA.
    I appreciate any insight on this issues and any things that you have done that have worked well for you.
    Thank you !!
  2. Steven -
    I ship directly to the parents either drop shipped from the printer or shipped to me then I seperate and ship.
    The service I use for shipping still has offices in FL - I believe - It's called USPS or United States Postal Service.
    I've only had 1 batch of about 5 orders messed up in 5 years of doing this...and there's debate as to whose fault it was (I put the packages in the right box, but the PO said I must not have)
  3. Dave,
    Thank you for your response. Could I have a little more detail on how you do the shipping process and or the costs involved?
    Would you just fill out and put a stamp on every order?
    And did you get the USPS to provide you with shipping envelopes or did you get those from another supplier?
    Also is this a pretty time consuming process when doing large leagues?
    Is there any "tricks" that you have learned that makes the process less painful?
    Again thank your for your help!
  4. Why not set yourself up a table at the soccer complex and hand them out yourself? Most of the youth sports in my area have games all on the same day within the same complex.
  5. Nathan,
    That is a good idea however this league is a 1,200 kid league with pore communication between the main office and the coaches.
    Also the league has 4 different fields that games are played at. I have a hard enough time just trying to get the coaches to show up to get the picture taken.
  6. Steven,
    Since I don't want to be in the shipping business, when ever the subject of shipping the packages comes up I immediately respond with " I could but I'd have to raise all the package prices to cover postage and handling, and in effort to keep the prices as affordable and as low as possible for all the families in your league, the current method of delivery works best." I have found this has always worked for me as no one wants to be responsible for higher prices.
    I use the same method, deliver to league, league to coach, coach to kids and rarely have problems with kids not getting photos. One league I did have problems with, I had sign for the packages the next year. Every kid got their packages.
    Works for me, hope this helps...
  7. Eric,
    Thank you for the information. I will be letting the league know that later this week. Hopefully they dont want the prices to raise! lol
  8. Steven -
    Sorry - was busy shooting a hockey tourney...
    I throw in shipping / handling - it's $1.50 for most flats - and I can get the flats for $.25 or cheaper... In this economy anything that I can do to help the parents and get a sale!
    The other thing that I considered when doing this model - Most of the leagues I deal are volunteer's - Boards, Coaches, etc... they're all parents and have kids in the leagues... The last thing I want to do is make their life more difficult by having them be responsible for getting parents photos. The absolute last thing I want to put on a volunteer coach is responsibility for photos not getting to the kid that shows up for photo day and a couple of games... Talk about a way to get the volunteers to dry up for a league...
    For the flats - I buy in bulk from ULine - you can do labels / shipping info in about 5 - 10 seconds per envelope....
    For me - It's a competitive customer service issue - and I keep my prices at or below the competition - who prints fancy order forms and custom envelopes etc...

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