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  1. I am getting ready to start selling action shots of youth sports. I am trying to get a feel for what type of print packages are most commonly offered to customers with action shots. For example, do posters sell more than 5x7 prints, do magazine covers sell more than regular 8x10s, or whatever. I am also trying to get a feel for pricing, I live in Texas. I have looked at a lot of the many different products offered from digital printers and I can't figure out which products are most likely to sell and how much to charge. I know this is a rather vague question but if anyone is shooting action shots I would appreciate any input. I know I can do the trial and error thing but it is always very helpful to hear from someone with experience in what you are about to attempt. Thanks in advance.
  2. Jake,
    I just tallied up my order distribution from 2004 and here are the results: 4X6=14.4% ($4.00); 5X7=43.3% ($9.00); 8X10=21.4% ($17.00); 8X12=1.6% ($20.00); 11X14=2.0% ($25.00); 12X18=1.7% ($30.00); Posters (16X24 or 20X30)=1.1% ($ Vary); Mag Cover Shots=4.3% ($22.00); Digital Files=10.2% ($35.00).

    About 70% of my orders are online, the rest mail in forms. I don't sell anything "on site". It is too distracting from shooting and requires an investment in equipment beyond the return. However, there are some types of events where on site sales will work nicely.

    Pricing is different for media outlets, depending on whether it is for print or web use. Most of the cycling publications pay about 20%-25% of the ad space price for the size of image in the final publication. Smaller outlets, like newsletters, pay less.

    I don't offer a "picture package" or any package deals. I think it just makes ordering confusing, expecially online ordering. I haven't changed prices since 2001, but converted to digital in 2002 and really cut my costs. That helped me keep prices down and increased margins.

    You can look at my price lists, online ordering and such at:

    Some of my non-cycling sports photos are on another site, but the pricing and offerings are about he same. Hope this helps. Feel free to e-mail me privately if you have any other questions.

    Steve Daggs
  3. Steve thank you for this very detailed information. This is very helpful for me as I am just
    starting out. Just to get a good point of reference is great.

    Thanks again.
  4. In addition to this wonderful site, you might want to try It is a site
    totally devoted to, what else, sports photography. Good luck.

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