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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by david_killick|9, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. So this is entirely hypothetical, but so what! Assume budget is
    no object, what is your ultimate Leica outfit? If poss, just one
    body, but if you want to go for it all, go for it. Some of my own
    ideas, based on experience and also positive comments from
    members of this forum: M3, MP, M7, SL? Some also love the III
    series. Lenses: 24asph, 35 f/1.4asph, latest 50 (or old 50DR?),
    90 f/2asp, new f/4 macro. But that leaves out the SLR. All Leicas
    are expensive. But which cameras and lenses are truly worth
    paying top dollars for?:
  2. all of it, of course
  3. Feeling: MP with Summicron-m 50 mm f/2
    Using: Konica Hexar RF with Summicron-m 50 mm f/2
    + "ever ready case" + yellow-green/orange/red B+W filters.
    (If I have to choose a Leica - M7)
    I have just done this evaluation myself - so I am very sure in my choice. The whole point of having a RF for me is mobility - and the no-mirror part is part of that...enabling me to use the camera without a tripod. A one lens solution also suits me fine. (BTW - I am trilled with the results from my Hexanon 50 I have no real wish for the mentioned lens. 2.0s are sharper and lighter than their faster alternatives.)
  4. I'll keep my M6 TTL. I don't want a classic and I don't (yet) want or need an M7. My next bodies would start off with an M3 or one of the M4s (one of the many advantages here being a self-timer. Then I'd go for a IIIf or g (not sure yet which one). Wouldn't mind trying out a 24, old 35 (re "bokeh"). No interest in a 1.4/75 or a 2/90 any more. Or a 135 yet. Maybe when I'm 65 I'll have the money, but then I'm probably also blind ;-)
  5. Hypothetical? Well, I'm not 65, do have the money and have all the Leica gear I want
    and/or need (thanks to wedding gigs). So, hypothetically speaking, experience tells
    me a couple of M7s with 3 or 4 lenses will get just about any rangefinder job done:
    24mm, 35/1.4, 75/1.4, 135/3.5 (optional)...or 28/2, 50/1.4, 90/2, 135/3.5
    (optional). If not doing weddings with a M, then I would probably just use a MP 0.85
    with a 35/1.4 and 75/1.4 strictly for available light, personal work.

    No Leica SLR interests me any longer.
  6. I already have it: M6 and 35 1.4 asph. That's all I have at the moment and i can't imagine ever spending money on leicas again.
  7. I am 65+ and my perfect Leica outfit is my M5, 24/28, 50, 90 tele- Elmar and the 135(sometimes)for outdoors. Available light; 35, 50, 75 and ,of course, my M5s. If there had to be a limitation yo one lens, then, the 50 would be it. That is the choice of my generation.
  8. The stuff I've got is perfect for me. What I really need is more time to shoot.
  9. I pretty much have all I need now. However my "dream" would be to have a
    IIIg w/winder, the new 35 & 50 LTM lenses, plus a 35mm brightline finder. In
    my 37 years of Leica ownership I've never owned an LTM and that little set
    would be a "fun" set to shoot with.
  10. I need an Apo-Aspherical-quality daycare center so I have more time to use the cameras, lenses and film I already own.
  11. Xinbad, but was it the 24 or 28 that you largely used on the India stuff?
  12. If I can, I'd trade the 35asph/2 with a top up 24/asph/2.8? Because I find the summaron sufficient as the main 35mm. I don't use 50 and above so much.

    I have yet to wear out the m4p, so the m6 stays in cabinet together with the m3. ;)
  13. A compact one-camera three-lens outfit for me would be the one I've had for over 30 years. M2, MR4 meter, 35 Summaron, 50 Summicron and 90 Tele Elmarit (fat chrome). The M2 and meter fit in one ER case, the 35 and 90, coupled back to back, fit into another Leitz lens case. This outfit will bring home the photos - no need to go overboard with the latest most expensive gear.
  14. Right now, the only thing I would like to add to my Leica M kit is a updated 180mm f/3.4 Apo-Telyt-M lens. I've seen and made pictures with the original prototype and I would even buy the lens new, if necessary. Happy Snaps, Sal
  15. Then I would have to wait till Leica releases their new Leica CL2 - an improved CL with grater baselength, 75 framelines, AE, improved meter but same size as CL. Lenses: 21/2.8 asph, 40/2 summicron C, voigtlander 75/2.5
  16. m_.


    M6 classic with sumilux 35mm 1.4.
  17. M6 with 4th version Summicron 35
  18. 0.85 M7 + 35/1.4 asph + 75/1.4 - not going to happen in this life time...
  19. 2 0.72 M7's (one w. 1.25x) w. M4 backup, 15C/V, 21 C/V, Tri-Elmar, 35 Lux-ASPH, Current 50 Cron, 90 Elmarit-M, 135 APO-Telyt.
  20. I've got all I want 28/2, 35/2, 50/2 (plus Nokton 1.5), 90/2, 134/3.4. I would like if, I won the lottery, a new 19mm, 90/2 APO and 180/2.8 APO for my R kit, but I am happy as I am really (thank god).
  21. Thanks Jay, for breaking the VC border--
    <P>Ive pretty much settled down to what I use most consistently.
    <P>VC 12mm, 21 Elmarit, 35 Summilux asph, Noctilux, M6TTL .72
  22. MP (0.58)

    28mm Summicron-M ASPH

    50mm Summilux-M (super)

    90mm Macro Elmar-M
  23. An old saying here is, like, "sure wish I had a buck for every time I already mentioned this..." So I wouldn't mind a Leica 2/75. Maybe a 2.8/75 would do the trick too. Unlike that, I might soon get a current 2.8/50, just for its cozyness...
  24. Out of 6 M's and 13 lenses, here's what went with me for a walk in the woods last weekend: One M6TTL with 0.58 finder; 28mm Summicron; 35mm Summilux ASPH; 50mm tabbed Summicron; 90mm tele-Elmarit. It all fits in a Domke F-5XB bag.

    That outfit is ideal for a minimal configuration. When carrying more, I will take two additional M's: an M6 classic with 0.72 finder, and either my M2 or M4-P. That helps to minimize lens-changing. I might like to buy a 24mm Elmarit ASPH, because it is the world's best 24mm, AFAIK. My 21mm is a little bit too wide (just a little bit) and doesn't get used much. The 28mm is wide enough for almost everything. My least used M is an M3. If I buy another Leica, it will be an MP.
  25. HMMM... Ultimate Leica M Gear... No restrictoons.... SInce I have 2 M classics, don't need the ttl cause I don't use flash on the M's. I would say an MP with a 35 & 75 sumilux's
  26. Removing the restriction of reality, my ultimate Leica RF kit would be the M9 TTL/AE with flash sync to 1/250, zoom finder and interchangable film magazine backs, supplemented with the M9D 10 megapixel digital back, and the usual array of lenses. ;-)

    But, if "hypothetical" doesn't take us to Phantasy Land, I'm happy with what I've got - two M6TTLs (one black, one chrome; both 0.72), a 24mm Elmarit-M, 35mm 'Cron, 50mm 'Cron, 50mm DR for quasi close-ups, 50mm Nocti, 75mm 'Lux, 90mm Elmarit-M, and the E55 version of the 135mm f/2.8. I hate the 1/50 sync speed for the few times that I want flash fill, but that's reality. I don't really need AE, so the M7 has no substantial appeal to me, nor does the MP with its retro design.
  27. I agree. Ralphs M9 with zoom finder but with the dimensions (height) of a Classic.
  28. M4, M7, 24,35'chron,50'chron ,90 TE lenses. Good incident meter. 2002 projector.
  29. Light kit: chrome 0.72 M6TTL w/ chrome Rapidwinder, CV 35/2.5, CV 75/2.5. Heavy kit: same camera, CV 28/3.5, 50 Summilux, 90 AA Summicron.
  30. Minolta CLE, M4-2, 40/2 M-Rokkor, 28/3.5 CV. Anything more would be un-Leica-like.
  31. An M8 same as the M7 but with a digital back!

    Seriously 2 x M7 21-24-50-90 mm lenses

    That will do nicely santa

  32. Starting out back in the early forties with a III and 50mm Elmar, my next ambition was a 90. By the time I could afford it – after the war – I had to settle for the 90 Velostigmat, and the later to the 127 Velo. Of course I coveted one each of just about everything Leica offered after the war, but then the original outfit was stolen. Starting over again with a used IIIa and another ancient Elmar 50 I made do and probably that era produce my all time best photos. Then in the late fifties I got the expansion fever again, bought a M2 with Leicavit, 35 Summicron, and then embarked upon a quest that eventually included 28 Elmarit, 35, 40, & 50 Summicrons, 90 Elmarit, and 135 Elmar. The Visoflex bug bit and I wound up with both the I & II, a 125 Hektor, 200 & 280 Telyts, and a an adapted Takumar 500/4.5. (Most all this stuff was used, horse traded or distressed). The Boowu came next and then the Belun and Behoo. Fortunately I never got bit by the SLR demon so that saved me a lot of agony as well as cash. Unfortunately I began to run out of time so by the time I reached the biblical age of four score, I had reduced the battery to the M6, 40c Summicron, 90c Elmar, and 135 Elmarit which I hoped would last me the rest of my days. Unfortunately it didn't. A couple of months ago I got an Olympus 5050 that I am still trying to figure out how to operate. . . Anyone coveting the M6 outfit will have to wait until my will is probated.
  33. Heck with more/better hardware. Give me a year sabbatical with my current salary.
  34. 2 M7's (0.58 and 0.85) and 2 MP's (0.58 and 0.85)
    28mm cron
    35 lux
    50 cron
    50 nocti
    75 lux
    90 cron
    winders for the m7's and leicavits for MP's

    why 4 bodies, I basically hate switching lenses.
  35. Black classic M6, .72, 35/2 last version-preasph summicron and 90/2.8 thin tele-elmarit. OR Leica CL, 40 and 90. Much more results in much less.

  36. Leicaflex SL, 280 f/4 AP0, 400&560 f/6.8 Telyts and a couple of
    macros: 60 & 100 APO. Shoulder stock w/ QR plate, monopod
    w/ QR clamp.
  37. What an eclectic choice, from the minimalist to the esoteric to the
    downright sybaritic (Frank). Or phantastical (Ralph). And good to
    see Douglas's vote for the SL, from which he produces superb
    results. Just as well there is so much Leica gear out there for
    Santa's sack! All M bodies seem to rate highly, but interesting to
    note more votes for the wider lenses. The 35 1.4 Lux asph
    seems particularly sought after. Thanks for your input.
  38. I neglected to include my list in an earlier response. Two M6's and my M4 with 35 ASPH, 50 Summicron, and 90 Elmarit-M. A 75 Summilux is my current lust object and later a 28 Summicron.

    Time to take pictures is the scarcest item.
  39. I'm using a Leica M6 TTL Titanium (extremely durable finish) with a 2.8/21 asph, 2.8/28 (not the latest version), 2/50 and 2/90 Apo Asph. My R-System consists of a R7, R8 and R9 together with a 3.5-4/21-35 asph., 4/35-70 (asph), 2.8/70-180 Apo, 2.8/100 Apo Macro, 2.8/280 Apo + 1.4x Apo-Extender + 2x-Apo Extender. All of these lenses are perfect pieces of engineering. A perfect "budget" system for the M would be M6 classic + 2/35 asph + 2.8/90 (latest version, perfect !! and lightweight). For the R, it would be a R8 + 21-35 asp, 2/50 and 4/80-200. Or 28/2.8, 2/50, 2.8/100 Apo and the 3.4/180 Apo-Telyt. I also have experienced the M6 classic, M 2.8/90, R 2.8/35, R 2.8/24, R 1.4/50, R 4/80-200, R 3,4/180, R 2/90 and the R 2,8/135. Contrast and sharpness on the new zooms 4/35-70, 21-35 and 4/80-200 is stunning !
  40. two L bodies:> MP 0.58 and M3.

    four lenses:> L 50/1.4; ZM 50/2, 35/2, 25/2.8
  41. This is a very interesting thread. Thanks for postng it.<P>It's amazng that
    most posters seem to already have virtually their ideal Leica setup (plus or
    minus a couple of items). Essentially one or two bodies with four lenses
    seems to satisfy most.<P>Personally, I've pretty much given up on Leica,
    replacing them with Pentax LXs for film and almost entirely shooting digital for
    the last three years<P>However away from home, for emergency backup I still
    pack my Leica CL with 40mm Sumicron and 90mm Tele-Elmarit..
  42. 50mm F2 LTM Summicron #11619; black Zorki 3C; Ektar 25; Bluesmobile; Cheeze wiz; 4 fried chickens and a Coke.
  43. I'm glad to see the "old crew"...I travel with the M6/M7, 12 CV (don't use it much), 21/3.4 SA, 35/2 ver. 1, 50/1.4 Nikon (compact), and 90/2.8 Fat TE...all in a Domke F-5XB bag.

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