your Top 3 underrated grip equipment

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by phil_planta, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. share your Top 3 underrated 'grip' equipment(not modifiers I guess) some great
    answers last time.
  2. A fullsize Lowell KS pole.

    Gaffer tape.

    LPA Design Pocketwizard MultiMAX transceivers.
  3. A capable assistant is numero uno.I also love the Pocket Wizard Plus system.Last would be a folding reflector.
  4. A french flag.

    It's a clamp on black metal or plastic (about 12"x6") that one clamps to the camera to
    shade the lens from back light. It has a flexible arm to position the flag in the best
    position. Tough to use with a rangefinder though!

    This works much better that a lens shade!

    Wooden clothes pins to attach gels and diffusion material to lights.

    A really good grip to use all your grip equipment!
  5. Hand carved acrylic Ice Cubes

    Crystal Ice and Ice Powder

    Steam Chips
  6. 1. gaffer tape

    2. flags

    3. dots
  7. Matthews C-Stands with Grip Arms

    A Roll of Black Cine-Foil

    A large silk
  8. magic arm (Manfrotto) <p> gaffer tape <p> every type of clamp imaginable
    (the cloths pin probably the most underrated)
  9. 1. Military surplus white parachute (can be used as reflector, diffuser, light tent, emergency changing room, ground cloth, and rescue signal, try to get one without blood stains)

    2. Sealed lead-acid batteries. Can be used as an inexpensive ($10-$20) substitute for Quantum batteries to power flash units using home-brew adapters, and they'll fire Vivitar 285's at full power all day long.

    3. FlexFill reflectors.

    --Bill Cornett

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