Your thoughts are very important on my new website !!!

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by celal_teber, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. I've been working on my new website with a web designer and it's up and running now. Fellow photographers thoughts are very important to improve the site before finalizing everything. If you could check it out and share your opinion , I'll be highly appreciated.
    Thank you ,
  2. Other than the annoying music in the Studio Introduction section, it's a nice clean site.
    Either remove the music, or give the viewer an option to turn it off. You do own the rights to use that music, yes?
  3. Cut you wedding gallery way down. No one should have to go thru that many images to get to the ceremony. Put your best stuff there only.
  4. I didn't get any music - mayhap the gods are smiling upon me today for some strange reason... I detest music on websites unless you're the artist and it is you performing. Stealing copyrighted music is naturally a huge no-no if that is what was going on.

    Way too many images though as Les points out. And way too broad and all over the place. Cut the number of images down to show only your best stuff.
  5. Cebal,
    Don't expect any traffic/business from search engines. Because, your site has virtually now text and after a quick glance I could not find what area you serve.
    Your designer made it look nice, but did not optimize it for search engines.
    I never understood the reason for a "click here to enter" page.
  6. You might point your web designer to here
    Your site shows 36 errors and 22 warnings, which is the kind of numbers a lot of sites have, but it is worth the small time it takes to remove the errors, IMO.
  7. Thank you soooo much all, all comments were so valuable, I'll consider them all with big care.
    @Charles, you're right need an option to turn the music on and off , thank you..
    @Les , it's always hard to choose images for your own website , maybe that's why I was confused then ended up lots of non effective photos. I'll definitely cut down , thank you...
    @Mikael, I'm hundred percent sure now that there are way too many images,I'll cut down. You're about the music usage on websites. I wanted to be fair with all usage therefor bought the music from istock as stock audio.
    @Harrington , Scott ; my designer is good designing the site but I think unfortunately He doesn't know much about optimizing the site. This is the the biggest issue... If you have any ideas please share with me , anything will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks all for your time ,
  8. I never understood the reason for a "click here to enter" page.​
    I find them annoying too.
  9. It looks good, I hope my website looks as good

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