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  1. Yesterday, because it is weekend and I had enough time I wanted to make a selection of slides for sending to scanner but unfortunately my old lightbox was not working due to the power adapter. And here I am put in a position to find an alternative way of viewing the slides easy and comfortable. The simplest and convenient option that I had in mind was to use my tablet as a lightbox. Or rather said as lighttab.
    With surprise I found that is even more convenient and useful to use the tablet because I can adjust good enough not only the light intensity but the color temperature of light. Well? How about that? Could you do something like that with a classic lightbox?

    Here is the full article, including photos...
  2. You gave me an idea. Build a light box lighted by RGB LED. Controlling the intensity of the RGB separately can vary intensity as well as color temperature.
  3. clever!
  4. I haven't worked with a tablet, but I haven't seen a computer screen, for desktop or laptop, that was bright enough to serve as a light table. Have you looked at your tablet side by side with a light box? I would worry about judging slides for exposure, and even about being able to see the detail in the darker areas.
  5. <p>For Hector, yes you have right. It's not like a lightbox in terms of light power, especially in the middle of the day, but I think that's good enough to view your slides standing on a sofa. :) About the comparison that you mentioned, between my proofing display (which is an Eizo FlexScan) and the tablet screen, the tablet is visible brighter. <br>
    My intention was not to replace the lightbox but I had to find a way for a temporary replacement, and why not, a comfortable and portable solution.
  6. Tablet+DSLR+copy stand/tripod=scanner? All this might be the "missing link" in hybrid workflow:
  7. The individual pixels of the tablet will show through the image doing this method. Tried it with my iPad (non retina
    version), didn't like it, got better results with a regular light table.
  8. "The individual pixels of the tablet will show through the image"​
    = digital fail
    Silly me. I paid for an iPad app just to get a simple white 'lightbox' screen.
  9. Yes, the pixels are visible because it is a matter of technology. You can put between the slides and the screen an archival (storage) sheet with matte surface or any other matte sheet. Also, in this way you can use your camera as a scanner as in my article from here (please use Google translation):

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