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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by dyuti majumdar, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Hi Fellow members,
    I have started doing a little bit of professional wedding and portrait work for a year now. Of course, the fist and foremost is the website. After doing some research, I have put together a basic website with image hosting and I wonder what fellow photographers think.
    This is a budget website and price was the key reason why I opted for this. I would really appreciate your time if you can tell what it lacks and what needs to be improved.
    The link is:
  2. An enjoyable website for the most part. Nice images. Two main comments:
    1) You say you are a "Wedding and Event" photographer, but the images on your homepage don't represent these talents. If I was searching the internet for a wedding photographer, I would be onto the next website in about 5 seconds.
    2) Going into a photo gallery opens a second window. There may be cases where opening a new window is appropriate, but I don't think this is one.
    What tools did you use to create the site? Did you write the password protected portions yourself, or did you use a template?
  3. From the home page, when I click 'portraits'it takes me to your 'services' section. Then a new window opens that again is more of a 'portfolio' but still not in portraits, have to click it again. And I don't see any galleries or descriptions of services for weddings, though that is what you've got on your home page. Some nice pics though, just seems like it needs some tweaking and some wedding pics.
    good luck!

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