Your Subscription Confirmation and Receipt <-- WTH?!?!

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by hogne_b_pettersen, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. I had to reset password this morning because my email was valid but even in my old password books, there was never any account. Strange stuff.
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    Agreed. We do not store or keep any credit card information - even for those that have subscriptions all transactions are handled through encrypted tokens which are handled by PayPal and Stripe - so there is absolutely no way any subscriptions will be charged. This is a Chinese phishing expedition.
  3. @GPalm - Yes, of course, this is a poorly crafted "phishing expedition" but how did the perpetrator know to associate our particular email address with, in the first place? Your member-database was compromised, no?
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    I have edited some comments in this thread: the edit comprised re-arranging the email addresses and/or url such that they are no longer LIVE LINKS.

    I suggest that future respondents do the same if they wish to provide that type of information about SPAM.

    Please see {HERE} which is The Sticky Thread on this topic.

  5. Just received a different, but similar, e-mail from address [info @ vallasvuo . fi] --Sally
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