Your Subscription Confirmation and Receipt <-- WTH?!?!

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  1. I can never in my entire life remember ever registering for this site. Yet, today I received a message telling me that my account will be automatically be changed to Premium membership from Oct 1st, and that I will be billed.


    I've desperately tried to delete my account, after logging on to it to see what the hell was going on. I can't find anywhere to delete it.

    If any admins read this: Delete my account immediately, or tell me how I can do this. And DO NOT send me any bills from Oct 1st.
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  2. Same for me. If it is true that my account will be automatically changed to a premium membership, please delete my account!
  3. I believe the database has been hacked. I received two emails from two different email addresses and not from
    Hope You didn't follow the link or open the zip file..
  4. Don't follow the links in those emails, they are phishing emails.
  5. No, when I realised that they were pointing to a zip-file, I did NOT download it. I never ever download zip files from organisations or people I don't know.
  6. Folks, it's not from It's a scam--I've reported it to, and if you ever get anything suspicious like this again, you should do the same.
  7. Same here. I don't want a premium membership. The e-mail is from [photo @ sudjam .com ]. Sudjam is a software developer. And than the link; [https: //www . udeth . c om/ PhotoNet _ Membeship _ Premium _ Info _ Html . zip? Udeth . com] is a Chinese site. Uncertain WTH that is.
    So Admin, let us know what in blue blazes this is.
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  8. I don't think you'd have too much to worry about. Unless you gave your credit/debit card details to anyone claiming to be, there's not much they can do to get your money. Personally, I'm going to 'ride out the wave' and stay with
  9. There really needs to be a way of erasing accounts
  10. Please, admin, delete my account.
  11. Oh dear. has been hacked, yes?

    You actually did have a paypal subscription from me, back in the mists of 2004. I guess that means very little, but I would like to say, if your Chinese hackers find a way to take money from me via Paypal, I will be coming to you for a refund.

    In the meantime, please delete my account. Sorry, I don't know "please delete my account" in Chinese.
  12. I am not going to pay $29.95 per year for

    I also don't see where to delete my account.

    Administrator: please delete my account
  13. You found this thread. If you read it, you see that it's a scam attempt. Of course you're not going to pay $30 a year, and isn't asking you to. (But I sure was taken in and thinking WTF just like everyone else. Then my suspicion kicked in, and I found this thread, which confirmed that it's a scam. Thank goodness!)

    Second: why would one ever believe that posting "please delete my account" in a post would ever result in any action?
  14. While it may be a scam... this is a valid issue with account management on How does on delete their account here? anyone know ?
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  15. I'm not sure if this was a hack or not, but it's definitely a phishing email. I came back here and logged on, mainly for kicks. I first joined 19 years ago. My entire contribution to the site is FIVE MESSAGES. Those were done about ten versions of forums ago, so old that they are no longer accessible through the current forum database. No photos, no reviews. So obviously there is no current, valid billing information on file. Unless you have given your credit card or debit card, there simply isn't any way for them to bill you, even if they wanted to.

    So there. Now I have *six* messages. LOL
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  16. According to Google translate (Traditional Chinese); 請刪除我的帳號 ;-))
  17. Just got the same email. But since I've never shared my billing information I checked the email and the links in the email (never clicking on them though). It seems to be a phishing expedition.
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  18. How can I mail Photo.netr. Anyone have an E-mail address>
  19. Yes:

    I sent them a copy of the obviously scam-email and am awaiting their reply to learn just how their system was compromised to allow unauthorized access to our/my info. I will share any response here.
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  20. ...forgot to watch this thread o_O

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