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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by bobatkins, May 4, 2003.

  1. OK I pretty much know I should know the answer to this myself, and
    I'm pretty sure it's a browser problem not a problem but....

    Just recently (maybe within the last week) when I make a post, but
    use the "back" button to correct an error before I confirm the
    posting I get an error message telling the the page has expired and
    for my own good IE6 won't display the info.

    The puzzle is that IE6 didn't use to do this on I could
    back up, correct my text and then proceed. So while I'm pretty sure
    this has nothing to do with I'm at a loss to explain why it
    suddently started to happen in the last week or so. I haven't played
    with the IE6 settings as far as I know. I don't think MS have
    secretly updated my browser (though anything is possible with those
    guys). It;s possible I've updated or installed some new software
    (latest demo version of neatimage, maybe breezebrowser) but I don't
    know when it started doing this and how that relates to the time of
    any software installation. You wouldn't think installing other
    software would make IE6 change, but it is MS software and anything is
    possible I guess.

    I know this problem has been mentioned before, but does anyone have a
    clue why it happens and is there anything that can be done about it?
  2. The back button seems to fail alot more with me; thus I tend to post with a few typos; when busy.
  3. Good question. That was a constant problem when I had IE5. When I upgraded to IE6.0 the problem went away and I thought it was licked but it suddenly reappeared after several months. What confuses me is that it is not a constant thing. Most of the time when I go back the text is gone, but there are times it is not. It especially seems that if you go back and forth several times it will be saved.<p>
    Now I continue to make it a habbit to copy my text to clipboard so I will have it if I have to go back and it's gone.
  4. Ditto. Since switching to Netscape for browsing I don't have this problem. Or, as Hal mentioned, copying your reply to the clipboard before hitting the submit button helps - hard to remember to do that every time tho'.
  5. This is just a guess, but trying emptying your IE cache. ie tools->internet options->delete files button. The nitwits who keep screwing up IE worse and worse with every version seem to have picked the cache to screw up with version 6. It fills up and causes all sort of strange behavior, at least on my system.
  6. Well I tried clearing the temporary file cache. Let's see what happens when I back up.....

    ...I get my original text back!

    Maybe that's cured it. It would make sense (Microsoft sense) that it might start to happen when enough junk had accumulated in the cache, so it would start out OK then at some random time start to fail, then maybe happen randomly as the cache hit its limit and cleared itself from time to time.

    Let's try that backup again...

    ...still looks good!

    Many Thanks!!!
  7. Hmmm. If that's the case, while you are there, click on the "settings" button and try increasing the size of the cache. Mine was set to minimum.
  8. All that'll do is make it take longer to fail. Then when it does fail, the manual cache clearing option will take a really long time (20+ minutes in one case I tried) due to the incompetence of Microsoft's developers.
  9. Full browser caches in Internet Explorer cause many problems, as well as wasting bandwidth when users keep refreshing the same pages. It is a clear design fault, which should be better documented and publicised.

    <p>There is no way to fix this automatically. There is a brute-force way, by reducing the cache size-limit, which deletes a random selection of files. Increasing the limit then allows you to work, at least until the next time it reaches the limit.

    <p>I tidy my cache manually, but I'm the kind of person that likes to do that sort of thing. Banner ads and other clutter are the first to go.

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