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  1. Does it only apply to those who buy a new subscription NOW? Because I bought one just some days ago, and I can't find any way of getting onto that site without going through another payment..
  2. Have you gone here yet:

    As it says on the ImagePro login page, you must register your PN account with Imagepro so that it knows who you are. You use your normal login email and password on that page then you will be given a chance to choose an ImagePro username (mine is joshroot so I have
    However, I must warn you:
    Imagepro is currently, for lack of a better phrase, messed up. We are reprogramming the whole thing. I anticipate that completion will be sometime in February. Until then, there really isn't anything I can do to improve the situation with the current platform.

    This is a mess, believe me, I know. Yes, it was always a "beta" product. But even so, I am doing my best to get it fixed and provide what we had offered.
  3. Yeah, I just found it! Sorry for the post. Maybe it would be a good idea to include a link in the announcement in "my workspace" :)
    Thanks! And good luck with reprogramming, I know that sort of thing is never easy.
  4. Josh, I sympathize with you... hoping that the repro goes well, and the site starts working as intended soon... hopefully before it's time for me to resubscribe, right?
    At any rate, you guys have your hands full, I would not care to be in your shoes!
  5. It's getting there. Jin and alex are great programmers and they have been working hard on it. I saw a semi functional mockup of the initial design the other day and it looked good.
  6. Also something I discovered... After you pick your Imagepro name (like josh did joshroot)... USE YOUR PHOTO.NET PASSWORD - Don't pick a new one. It won't work even though the email says it is confirming your chosen password. Just on a whim, after my new password didn't work - I typed in my PN password and it worked.
  7. Actually you don't need to use the same password, and in fact it's better to have seperate passwords on the two systems from a security point of view. If you are using the same password on both systems it's not a bad idea to change one of them.
    In the past there have been gliches on the ImagePro site that exposed the password. Hopefully we've seen the last of those particular glitches, but you never know, and you never know who is looking at the site.
  8. Bob - I used a "new" password.

    Got an email confirming that "new" password

    Tried to use it... Error

    Tried again - Error

    Tried my PN password - it worked

    Logged off

    Tried the process again.

    Nothing worked but my PN password no matter what the confirming email said.
  9. Like I said, ImagePro is a mess at this point. Things will be much better in the not too distant future when the new system is put in.
  10. WJT

    WJT Moderator

    Is there a way to unsubscribe from the imagepro site?
  11. Is there a way to unsubscribe from the imagepro site?​
    At this point, sadly, no. Very frustrating.

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